Minutes of October 14, 2010 Meeting

Camden: Vibiana Cvetkovic (recorder), Eric Fizur, Judy Gardner (Chair), Barry Lipinski, Jeff Teichmann, Michele Tokar, Paul Young
Remote in New Brunswick: Rose Barbalace, Tracey Meyer, Glenn Sandberg, Eddie Suarez, Gideon Thompson, Darryl Voorhees, Penny Weniger
Remote in Newark: Maggie Harris-Clark, Yoshiko Ishii

Meeting called to order 10:10 AM

Library PIN Discussion

Review of Access Services Policy Memos

Memo 1 – Patron Identification and Registration - no changes.

Memo 2 – Borrowing privileges – updated to include AV, EZ-Borrow and ILL materials in addition to books.

Memo 3 – Confidentiality of Library Records - no change.

Memo 4 – Theft of Library Materials

Memo 5 – Lost and Damaged Material

Information Sharing

Agenda Items for November

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