Minutes of February 22, 2002 Meeting

Judy Gardner, Nancy Hendrickson, Ann Montanaro, Samson Soong, Addie Tallau

Copies of the table of contents from a new publication, Usage and Usability Assessment: Library Practices and Concerns by Denise Troll Covey (Jan 2002), were distributed at the meeting. Covey reports on the experiences of 24 Digital Library Federation member libraries in assessing use and usability of online collections and services. This publication reveals the assessment practices and concerns of these leading digital libraries. Since we have been conducting surveys on a number of online services, Samson will make copies of the section on surveys and send to the committee members.

We all agree that "hit" statistics are not enough to assess electronic resources and services. Tools are being developed by various organizations and libraries for assessing usage quality and other aspects of web-based user activities. The keynote speech delivered by Rush Miller and Sherrie Schmidt at a recent conference on performance measurement in libraries outlines the rationale and context for the ARL E-Metrics project. As part of its phase three, the project seeks to develop a framework for measuring outcomes, i.e. assessing the impact and value of electronic resources on user behavior and effectiveness. We will continue to follow its development and progress.

The Electronic journal survey is being conducted for a 2-week period beginning February 11. We have already received a lot of responses from students as well as faculty. The responses to the survey we have received so far were reviewed at the meeting. It becomes clear from the responses to the question on what e-journal they'd like us to purchase if funding were available that some users are not aware of some e-journals that are already available to our users. But it was agreed that we will not contact the respondents directly on this. Addie, Ann M, and Samson will be responsible for analyzing the results and preparing the final report on the survey. (Addie will be chiefly responsible for analyzing responses to questions 3, 10, 11, and 12; Ann: questions 1,2,4, and 5, and Samson: Questions 6, 7, 8 and 9) Once the survey is over, Samson will try to obtain an excel file of the results from SCC. We will initially share with the CDC members the responses to the question on respondents' recommended e-journals before the final report is prepared.

After discussion with Natalie B. and Marty K., co-chairs of the Real Time Reference Task Force, Judy and Ann M. drafted questions for the Ask a Librarian (AAL) User Survey. Initially, we plan to conduct the survey in April, but Natalie and Marty indicated that the first week in March (March 4-10) is the best time to run the survey. The proposed questions for the survey were discussed and some suggestions were made. Judy and Ann will make the changes and contact Ron Jantz/SCC to set the questionnaire up. Given the timeframe for all of these, the committee still agreed that it would be desirable to pre-test the instrument if possible. A brief message at the end of our response to AAL user's question leading the user to the survey will be used.

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