Minutes of September 18, 2002 meeting

Bob Hosh, Suzanne Posluszny, Andrew Ruggiero, Paul Cabelli(Recorder)


  1. Annex Discussion
  2. Sending Microforms to Cataloging
  3. Serials Cataloging Worksheets
  4. Electronic/Print Records

1. Annex discussion

The New Brunswick Collection Services Department (NBCSD) has been training the Annex staff in Iris maintenance procedures. NBCSD also notifies the Annex about holdings corrections. The Annex staff is responsible for performing their own Iris maintenance functions:  adding 866 Marc holdings, converting their existing 930s into 866s, cataloging, barcoding, and weeding their collection, etc.

2. Sending microforms to cataloging

There was a discussion of the current procedures that LSM and Alex use in sending microforms to serials cataloging. For microfilm, LSM sends the reel itself, while Alex sends a xerox copy of the TP/verso. For microfiche, both libraries send a fiche ‘duplicate’ to serials cataloging [the Alex fiche duplicator is currently inoperative].  Paul will talk with Elizabeth Leister of serials cataloging to try to standardize the process.

3. Serials cataloging worksheets

The group discussed the status of the serials cataloging worksheets. Paul will update the new title (NT) and title change (TC) sheets. Brief record creation, including use of the 050 RLIN LC # tag, is done differently in the two hubs. Paul will consult with Elizabeth Leister about the possibility of standardizing serials cataloging requirements. Once this is known, Bob will consult with Ellen Calhoun about LSM documents cataloging requirements.

4. Electronic/Print records

We discussed new serials cataloging guidelines for electronic-only titles that also begin to arrive in print format.  We should send an actual print issue (along with blue serials processing form and Iris electronic record) to serials cataloging. There is no need to search RLIN. We should add a note to the blue processing form:  “[unit library] started to receive print issues. Attached is the Iris record for title in electronic format. Please update Iris record accordingly”.

Next meeting:
October 10 at 10:00 AM at Alex CSD
Recorder will be Bob Hosh

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