Minutes of September 8, 2004 meeting

Paul Cabelli, Andrew Ruggiero, Bob Hosh (chair/recorder)


  1. Review of minutes of last meeting.
  2. Review of new Preliminary receiving checklist document
  3. Review of the document: Pre-cat and Post cat Procedures (performed by Bib/Cat staff) that effect Bindery operations.
  4. Review of the Marcive Statistics Coversheets.
  5. Review of the online Marcive statistics charts.
  6. Other items
  1. The minutes of the July 2, 2004 meeting were reviewed and discussed. Corrections were suggested. Paul will update the minutes and send them to be posted on the appropriate web pages.
  2. The Preliminary Receiving Checklist was reviewed and discussed. It was pointed out that the “Redbook” printout did not always give the full information needed to make correct processing decisions and that the Bib/Cat staff would want to see the ALL view of the bib record. It was suggested that clearer written guidelines are needed to define title changes and agency name changes for government documents. Also, the category of New Title Re- instated needed to be defined and actions to be taken made clearer; e.g. if the title is re- instated less than one year from the cancellation date there is no need for cataloging review; only a new control record need be created. If the re-instatement occurs after one year the title should be give to Bib/Cat staff for review and action.
    • All publisher/agency changes with proof go to the Bib/Cat staff for review and action.
    • Title changes should be recorded in the extended info fields of both the old title and the new (changed) title.
    • Once the title change has been cataloged the note in the NT control record may be deleted as a post-cat task. The Serials Cataloging Worksheet will be updated to reflect these changes.
    • The Preliminary Receiving Checklist lacks information about ceased titles and the action necessary to process them. This should be added.
  3. Group members reviewed the revised Pre-Cat and Post-cat procedures that effect Bindery operations. Minor corrections were suggested and the document will be posted to the appropriate web pages.
  4. The Sudoc number guide for bound volume spine labels was reviewed. BH will revise.
  5. The Marcive statistics coversheets used to record statistics were discussed. Minor changes and additions were suggested and Paul will update the sheets.
  6. The Marcive Statistics Charts online were reviewed and suggestions made to simplify some. The power search chart needs revision and the term “power search” needs to be re- defined.


  1. PC - will send Andrew the corrected and revised documents for posting to the web pages.
  2. PC – will report back to the receiving coordinators the results of the Bib/Cat Team review of the Preliminary receiving Checklist.
  3. AR - will revise the Marcive Statistics Charts.
  4. BH - will revise the Sudoc Number Guide for Spine Labels

Next meeting: October 1, 2004: LSM -- Time: 10:00am
Next recorder: Andrew Ruggiero
Back up recorder: Paul Cabelli

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