Minutes of November 15, 2005 meeting

Bill Bejarano, Ian Bogus (chair), Yasu Denda, Jamie Maguire (recorder), Natascha Owens


  1. Welcome Bill
  2. Big ticket items
  3. Projects
  4. Shelving oversized materials
  5. Incorporating Newark & Camden into our meetings
  6. Updating Policies and Procedures
  7. Miscellaneous

1. Welcome Bill

Bill Bejarano was introduced as newest member of the B/P/P team. Bill will be working mainly at LSM in the Library Tech II line through UMDNJ.

2. Big Ticket items

Each Focus group was asked to come up with a wish list for items they would like and need. Items mentioned included: Barcode guns, color printers, paper cutters, new book carts, and a guillotine for LSM.

3. Projects

Updates were given for ongoing projects, such as the EAL project & SMLR project.

Plan was discussed for the rebinding of repairs project at both Alexander and LSM.

4. Shelving oversized materials

Ian has been in discussions with Andy Martinez about the shelving of oversized material. Some suggestions included standardizing shelve heights and there locations.

New locations could include Folio for libraries that do not currently have a Folio area or Elephant Folio for Libraries that already have Folio area and books are still too large.

If new locations are not possible or for titles that do not fall into Folio or E-Folio but are still large they may be shelved on spine, which may require re-labeling in a new position on book so that call number may still be seen.

Douglass library may serve as a test bed for new shelving practices and locations.

5. Incorporating Newark & Camden into our meetings

There has been a push to incorporate Newark and Camden into the NB BPP meetings.

Need to research booking rooms for teleconferencing

Need to find out exactly who from each location will attend.

6. Update Polices and Procedures

We discussed updating our Polices and Procedures. Priorities are as follows:

  1. Finish the End-Processing Procedures & Polices (try to have done by Dec. meeting)
  2. Create a “How to check into Bound control” Procedure (try to have done by Feb. meeting)
  3. Write document for Accompanying Material (try to have done by Feb. meeting)
  4. Update all existing documents for Bindery and Preservation (try to have done by Dec. meeting)

7. Miscellaneous Discusses

Jamie will contact Andy Martinez for possible re-vamping of Problem Ticket used by units

There has been talk of possibly putting together a presentation for Collection Management on Accompanying Material

We talked about End-Processing of Depository shipments, who does what, how and when?

Question arose about paying for custom-made bookplates, who & how?

New Preservation treatment was mentioned, deacidification!


  1. Update Polices & Procedures
  2. Ian research rooms for teleconferencing

Next meeting: 12/20/05: Alexander Library, Time: 9:15am
Next recorder: Natascha Owens
Back up recorder: Bill Bejarano

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/bindery/minutes/bindery_05-11-15.shtml
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