University Librarian's Cabinet: Members

Jeanne Boyle
Interim Vice President for Information Services and University Librarian
Associate University Librarian for Planning and Organizational Research
Libraries Administration, Alexander Library, CAC

Grace Agnew
Associate University Librarian for Digital Library Systems
Technical and Automated Services, Busch Campus

Consuella Askew
Director, John Cotton Dana Library
John Cotton Dana Library, Newark Campus

Judy Cohn
Director, Health Sciences Libraries
George F. Smith Library, Newark

Lila Fredenburg
Director for Administrative Services
Libraries Administration, Alexander Library, CAC

Janie Fultz
Senior Executive Assistant
Libraries Administration, Alexander Library, CAC

Tom Glynn
Anglo-American History and Political Science Selector & Deputy Faculty Coordinator
Alexander Library, CAC

Gary Golden
Director, Paul Robeson Library
Paul Robeson Library, Camden Campus

Tom Izbicki
Associate University Librarian for Collection Development & Management
Alexander Library, CAC

Melissa Just
Associate University Librarian for Research & Instructional Services
Alexander Library, CAC

Triveni Kuchi
Sociology & South Asian Librarian & Faculty Coordinator
Kilmer Library, Livingston Campus

Director of Library Development and Communications
Libraries Administration, Alexander Library, CAC

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