Minutes of September 25, 2007 Meeting


  1. J Client migration
    • issues
    • comments
    • October 1 pull the plug date for using the C Client
    • Need to also prepare for the next version of OCLC - Connexion 2.0
  2. Statistics
    • Status "new"
    • Status "changed"
    • How to resolve issues of multiple values
    • Is there anything not being reflected in our current statstics?
  3. News, announcements

1. J Client migration

Everyone agreed that it is slower, and requires more clicks.

The topic of copying and pasting from Authority file was discussed: it was agreed between Systems and Mary Beth that not everyone would get permission to modify Authority records. All staff may copy and paste from the Authority file to IRIS with the caveat that the entire line will be copied. Extra information will need to be deleted

Smartporting records is clunky and involves more screens, returns to first record in queue.

Macros/keyboard express-assigned keys do not always work due to the timing of the command in the J. Sirsi has assigned new values to some key combinations and we need to look at them and re-assign (use multiple key assignments such as ctrl+shift, shift+alt, etc. Will work with Chris and Bob to resolve this issue.

Transfer - Li had some problems with it, Steve Z. will help her

Template - The ability to select which tags will populate the record is possible. This is done by going to Modify/properties, template and enter the tags wanted

Match & load - There is no item created when new records are brought in, must manually add the item line (same as C client?)

Junk tags - May be removed automatically when records load but we need to identify which ones we want to remove and let Bob W. know. He can write a program or script to remove them.

2. Statistics

There is a lot of variation in how statistics are compiled. There was a lengthy discussion regarding what is measured via the item CAT-1 and item CAT-2 designations. It is possible that we are under-reporting many categories.

Issue raised:

Need to know why we are collecting the data.

Changed/New - What do they mean? We had been told previously not to use them

"Undefined" numbers are very high - may be due to Serials Solutions, ACQ and Marcive loads or failure to use values in ItemCat1 and ItemCat2.

Directors' Station is a canned program from Sirsi. We have limited flexibility in what can be pulled together. We must get reports from individual modules, cannot combine (for example, results can not be pulled from the acquisitions module to determine how many orders have been placed by CMS catalogers). Is it possible to pull some of the information from the Fixed fields? This would eliminate the need to manually enter CAT-1 or CAT-2 entries

What constitutes a GOV DOC? Are State University publications considered State documents?

Should the Serials Solutions records be loaded with the date cat set to NEVER? They are not loaded to OCLC.

When does a record get into the statistics? When date cat changed to today, or when it is modified?

What determines whether something is a CAT-1 or CAT-2 (Priority 1 or Gov Doc? Changed vs. new?

Rules for reporting apply to CMS, ACQ and DTS. We all should be reporting the same information in a consistent manner.

Compiled by Steve Zahorbenski

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