Minutes of October 2, 2007 Meeting

Fay Austin, Melissa DeFino, Roman Frackowski, Elizabeth Leister (recorder), Li Sun, Charlotte Toke, Steve Zahorbenski, Mary Beth Weber

1. Continuation of Statistics Discussion

Discussion primarily centered on the use of ItemCat1 and ItemCat2. These fields can be used to measure productivity, to justify the need for additional help, and to provide information for selectors. Concern was raised as to why the totals in the "undefined" category are so high and what is represented in this count. It is likely that this count includes records that have been loaded as part of a set (Serials Solutions and Marcive, for example), and various types of brief records. Since records are not counted until the date cataloged has been changed, brief records should not be a factor in current statistics. However, records loaded from Marcive and Serials Solutions do have the date cataloged changed, and Acquisitions staff use ItemCat2 as part of the FastCat process. It is not possible to use Director's Station to isolate Cataloging and Metadata Services cataloging statistics from the larger universe of items cataloged in a given time period. The current totals counted include work done at Special Collections and University Archives, as well as work done by FastCat and Distributed Technical Services. M.B. Weber will convey the group's concerns and questions to Bob Warwick and Chris Sterback.

A second topic concerned outgoing processing statistics. It is not clear if what we should be counting as well as what is counted elsewhere (such as in DTS and Acquisitions). It is necessary to know what is counted at DTS in order to avoid double counting of materials added to the collection. For example, document receipts are counted at ALEX and in CMS.

2. Sakai

M.B. Weber gave a brief demo of Sakai and offered to train members of the group. Individuals can also take training sessions offered by the University. It was suggested that we might begin using this secure site for confidential documents such as job descriptions and for works in progress rather than using the T drive. Sakai sites can be limited to authorized users and their contents are not publicly available.

3. CMS Web Page

M. DeFino will work with M.B. Weber to edit the CMS web page. Previously, M.B. Weber shared this responsibility with R. Marker. Policy and procedures documents, and requests for changes to such documents, should go to both of them. They will coordinate requests for new sublocations with Bob Warwick. M.B. Weber will send an announcement to CMS when new sublocations and changes have been implemented. Typos and errors on the web site should be reported to M.B. Weber and M. DeFino, not Sam McDonald.

4. Root Record Requests

A lengthy discussion ensued about our root record policy and whether it should be revisited. The discussion centered primarily on the Marcive project and the difficulty of maintaining the appropriate root record as new formats are discovered upon inventory or when Marcive provides us with a record in a format that Rutgers does not own. Mary Beth may convene a task force to review our root record policy in the context of Marcive.

5. Technical Services Roles and Responsibilities Document

The group discussed how errors are reported to F. Austin as coordinator of Database Management - via email and online error reporting. DTS will now send error reports in writing and attach a photocopy of the problem record. DBM will request the book when it is determined that the record cannot be fixed without the item. Changes in how errors should be reported need to be widely propagated.

F. Austin will share new procedures for circ-on-the-fly with the group. Susan Brower deals with these records at Alexander and only refers problems to DBM. DBM deals with these records for all other units.

There was a lengthy discussion regarding call number conflicts and requests to resolve these conflicts. Before deciding how to proceed, the department needs to investigate how these conflicts occur (human error? machine matching?) and how call numbers change as part of receiving.

6. Technology Awareness Group Meeting Report

M. DeFino reported on the Technology Awareness Group (TAG) meeting that she recently attended.

Other CMS members gave brief updates on RUL meetings that they had attended.

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