Communications/Marketing Team: Charge

The goal of the Communications/Marketing Team is to develop a comprehensive marketing plan to help the Libraries more effectively communicate to the Rutgers community about our resources, services, accomplishments, and objectives.

Announcement of Team Formation (March 29, 2005)

Message to RUL_Everyone
Monday March 29, 2005

Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased inform you that the Libraries have formed a Communications/Marketing Team, which will be working to add greater clarity, focus, and impetus to our system-wide promotional efforts. Formation of the team was a key recommendation of our recent communications audit. The team has been charged to develop a comprehensive, multi-year marketing plan that draws on the findings and recommendations of the audit.

Members of the Communications/Marketing Team are Kayo Denda, Harry Glazer (chair), Penny Page, Roger Smith, Julie Still, and Roberta Tipton. Francoise Puniello is the Cabinet member overseeing this effort, and she appointed and charged the group. She and Jeanne Boyle will serve as ex- officio members.

The Communications/Marketing Team held its first meeting February 24th and determined that a key focus of its work will be to foster a greater awareness of core Libraries services and resources. University Librarian Marianne Gaunt recommended that the marketing plan produced by the Team reflect the priorities identified in the soon-to-be-issued Libraries strategic plan and should emphasize the Libraries service to different university constituencies.

At this inaugural meeting the Communications/Marketing Team set the following short-range plan and schedule:

  1. Spring 2005 semester hold marketing orientation workshop, open to all Libraries personnel, to promotion greater fluency in marketing terminology, tactics, and goals;
  2. Summer 2005 engage in a review of the marketing landscape, with particular emphasis on higher-education and non-profits;
  3. Fall 2005 work with the Rutgers Business Schoolis Team Consulting Program to develop the framework for the marketing plan
  4. January 2006 Communications/Marketing Team issues a multi-year marketing plan.

We welcome input from across our system on the marketing priorities of the Libraries. Please feel free to share your suggestions with any member of the Team or to send them to me. We would like to hear from you!

Thank you.

Harry Glazer, communications coordinator
Rutgers University Libraries

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