Minutes for July 26, 2005 Meeting

Harry Glazer (chair & recorder), Penny Page, Francoise Puniello, Roger Smith, Julie Still, Roberta Tipton, Anne Watkins, Ryan Womack.
Paul Belliveau

Presentation on Business School's MBA Team Consulting Program.

Harry welcomed Paul Belliveau, director of the MBA Team Consulting Program (TCP) at the Rutgers Business School, to discuss how the C/M Team will work with the TCP group.

Paul stated that the MBA Team Consulting Program is a required capstone course at the Rutgers Business School. The Program is a five credit course which stretches over two semesters. Individual TCP groups are put together by the program director, by reading student survey forms and client information forms and making appropriate matches. All TCP participants receive orientations that include a session on Rutgers University Libraries resources and research capabilities. Each TCP group has five - eight members on average. TCP groups are given a week to research their assigned client before the first meeting.

The TCP group working with the Libraries C/M Team will be assigned day time students from the New Brunswick/Piscataway campus and their faculty advisor will be Mike Ancona, an RBS graduate who works as an independent financial advisor. The students on the Libraries' TCP group will be in their mid-late 20's with some business experience. The TCP group will first meet with the Libraries C/M Team on Sept. 23rd, at 8:30 am, on the Livingston campus and will work with Libraries for seven months on the project.

In the first six - eight weeks, the TCP group prepares a letter of engagement which they present formally to the C/M Team then sign afterwards. The letter of engagement delineates the problem definition, the approach selected, and the deliverables to be expected by the client. The letter may also include a small anticipated budget of $300 - $500 for the TCP group.

The TCP group makes a second formal presentation to the client at the end of the term, in which they provide a progress report. The TCP group's third and last presentation is held in the middle of the second term, wherein they present their deliverables. The TCP group's output will be in binder form and on disc. TCP groups have prepared strategic business plans, economic development reports, marketing plans, economic development reports, and feasibility studies. The Libraries C/M Team can expect a marketing report with a lot of in depth analysis of marketing recommendations.

The TCP regularly charges non-profits $6000 and for-profits $7500. In recognition of the Libraries continued support of the Business School and the TCP groups, the TCP will not charge the Libraries for their services.

The next stage in the Libraries work with the TCP group is for the C/M Team to complete the Client Engagement Form and return it to Paul shortly, so he can begin assembling an appropriate team.

Following Paul's report, the C/M Team reviewed the Client Engagement Form and composed answers for open ended questions. Harry will finalize the language on the form and sent it to Paul shortly. [Update - Completed form emailed Wed. 7/27/05 HG]

The C/M Team understood that the TCP process will lengthen the time it will take to produce a multi-year marketing plan, which the C/M Team initially set to deliver in January 2006. Francoise will advise the University Librarian's Cabinet that the marketing plan can now be expected by the end of the spring 2006 semester. In the intervening year, the Libraries will continue to gain marketing experience through the Searchpath promotion campaign and should increase efforts to employ word of mouth techniques.

Transitions and Additions to the Committee

Harry thanked Bobbie for arranging for Paul's participation in the meeting and mentioned that Bobbie will be going on leave as of August 1st. She has agreed to continue receiving C/M Team email and may chime in as her schedule permits.

Bobbie's replacement, for regular service on the C/M Team, is Ann Watkins. In addition Ryan Womack will serve as an ex-officio member of the C/M Team since he serves as the libraries liaison for the Business School and can thus be a great resource to the C/M Team.

Prioritizing the Communications Audit Implementation Chart

The C/M Team reviewed the implementation chart and selected the following six recommendations as their highest priorities:

Other Business

The C/M Team determined that it was premature to begin work (as initially planned, for this meeting) on a Libraries PR slogan, since this task might be more appropriate for the TCP group to complete in conjunction with the C/M Team.

Bobbie offered additional marketing reading recommendations (from the Libraries collections) for the C/M Team. Each Team member selected one book to read and will send a short summary to the C/M Team email group upon completing the book.

The next meeting of the C/M Team will be on September 23rd, when we hold our first session with the TCP group assigned to the Libraries. More details should be forthcoming.

Minutes prepared by Harry Glazer
July 28, 2005

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