Minutes of October 31, 2011 Meeting

Ka-Neng Au, Qian Hu, Tom Izbicki (Co-Chair), Kevin Mulcahy, Laura Mullen (Co-Chair, minutes), Jane Otto, Janice Pilch, Caryn Radick, Donna Schulman, Jeffery Triggs (recorder)
Bob Sewell

1. Minutes, agendas, membership, meeting venue, charge update

CSC is attempting to regularize reporting of minutes, agendas, and is reviewing its charge in order to increase transparency and information sharing. In the future, meetings may better be able to accommodate interested guests.

2. Scholarly Communication on the RUL website-public information

CSC needs to revisit all online scholarly communication and open access pages that are publicly available on the website. Some are outdated, and it may be best to take down the pages until they are updated. These are the pages linked off of "faculty services" and need some attention from dedicated people on a regular basis to make sure information is current as well as to make sure faculty can easily find information and link to instructions for RUCore deposit or to find contact information. This topic will be revisited at an upcoming meeting.

3. Review of Open Access Week 2011

Focused on the visit from Wikipedia and efforts in Dana to showcase open access. Minglu Wang, Bonnie Fong and Laura attended an "idea exchange" for Open Access Week sponsored by SPARC. At a meeting in the spring, CSC will decide what to do for next October's OA Week.

4. Major agenda item-status of previous library faculty policy in preparation, potential presentation on OA and policies to Senate, other issues of institutional OA policies/mandates

A previous visit to the Senate was informational- but a specific charge was not created. CSC members hope to do another presentation following the drafting/dissemination of a new charge in the Senate. There may be some confusion around the issue of repositories. We may need to start over with the library mandate policy which never went through. We need to expand the focus. Maybe we need a task force of mixed composition, including people from different groups including the libraries. It was decided that a small group from CSC will meet with the chair of the research committee informally to discuss next steps.

5. Collaborative workshop on changes in peer review

CSC will begin working on developing a collaborative workshop to take place in the Spring. This workshop may revolve around the recent comprehensive report on peer review completed by the Center for Studies in Higher Education at Berkeley. Work will likely begin in Jan.

6. Introduction of "RU/RUL Copyright Update"

CSC has asked Janice Pilch, and she has kindly agreed, to provide an update of copyright work specific to Rutgers/RUL as a regular part of every CSC meeting. The first update was held at this meeting.

1) RUCore: There is a backlog of projects where rights issues need to be addressed. There are digitized objects where there may be issues that pose copyright risks. Janice is working on a framework for assessing future collections, and digitization guidelines related to copyright. We can then characterize by the level of risk. Some recent examples are Hungarian refugee materials from the Tracy S. (Stebbins) Voorhees Papers, Labor Library videos, or IJS Jazz Journal. Copyright and publicity issues exist. Even owners of a collection can only give permission for the bits where they hold copyright. We have to consider copyright at the level of the individual work. We are reviewing the rights declarations even in collections already in RUCore. They are working on a new release form for videos of conferences. RUL is developing a conference toolkit. We should also revisit the deed of gift. There are opening discussions around research data deposits. We are starting to look into faculty streaming of videos that we've acquired (acquisition, copyright, tech issues). The different units working with videos deal with them in different ways.

2) Licenses and contracts: There will be another review of the deed of gift, especially those that cover receiving and eventual digitization. There are discussions concerning a system for providing licensing information for RUL e-resources. RUL is revising special collections policies.

7. Future agenda setting; identification of other regular update items (such as RUCore update) or pertinent issues for the disciplines

Any scholarly communication issues that would benefit from discussion can be brought to CSC by any interested party. We will welcome ideas for discussion items. Examples of items for upcoming meetings include a discussion of DOIs on items in RUCore, a discussion of VIVO and possibility of putting a group together to evaluate opportunities, the Faculty Survey, research tools from the commercial sector, and including a regular "update on RUCore initiatives."

8. Anything further on goals, strategic plan: agenda item not discussed at this meeting

9. Announcements; professional meetings attended/to attend

Laura will be attending the spring SPARC Meeting on Open Access in Kansas City.

No other announcements/meeting adjourned.

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