Minutes of May 22, 2013 Meeting

Joseph Deodato, Tom Izbicki (Co-Chair), Laura Mullen (Co-Chair, Minutes), Jane Otto, Janice Pilch, Caryn Radick, Jeffery Triggs (Recorder), Minglu Wang, Yingting Zhang

Agenda (shuffled to accommodate some members' attendance at Music candidate presentation).

1) Faculty Deposit Cover Sheets (Otto and Mullen)

Follow up from an agenda item at CISC, where cover sheets were discussed recently. Cover sheets are used in repositories, and examples from Harvard's DASH (and others) were shared. There is a different cover sheet for each article type/version. The purpose of the cover sheet designed by Otto and Mullen as an addition to each article in RUcore is to identify for the reader the version, citation, link to authoritative version, terms of use, and other useful information on an individual article. This way user knows exactly what they are reading/citing. Cover sheets were created for AU (Author's Original), sometimes known as "preprint" for example, Submitted Manuscript Under Review (SMUR), Accepted Manuscript (AM) sometimes known as "postprint", Proof (P), Version of Record (VoR), Corrected Version of Record (CVoR), and Enhanced Version of Record (EVoR). If more than one version, the author can choose which is primary. There will be one more "catch all" version for articles that don't fit a category. Some of these versions will unlikely be used, such as "Proof" which is an internal publishing workflow version. There will be a citation displayed for each article; question arose as to whether there is a default citation style for RUcore. This is not known, but it is more important for the reader/user to be able to export in a certain style. The "terms of use" field needs work, and should probably link out to an authoritative rights statement. The "accessed" field with the auto-populated date will not be used. With the OA policy implementation coming soon, all of these issues can continue to be discussed in CSC and other groups.

2) Implementation of Open Access Policy (Mullen and Otto)

The first meeting of the Open Access Policy Implementation Working Group (subcommittee of the RUL Advisory Committee) will take place on May 29th. This committee, a subgroup of the RULAC (as charged) will be a small group of departmental faculty and graduate students that will meet over the next year to plan the roll out of the implementation of the OA Policy. Mullen and Otto will co-chair, and the group will report briefly at upcoming RULAC meetings and at CSC on progress. Group will be looking at other successful implementation strategies at peer institutions and working to understand the unique culture of Rutgers in order to ensure the greatest success for the OA Policy.

3) CSC Website (Wang)

Minglu Wang has been the architect of this effort; it is the culmination of work this year to identify research services and make them more visible to the user community via a dedicated, visually appealing page on the new website. Wang distributed the "final" pages for the services (although tweaks to content will go on by page authors). Each service has a portal with icon, landing page and initial main contact person or group. The purpose is to make our services to faculty and scholars much more visible and to invite interaction. This work also dovetails with PlanCo's focus this year on research services, and the results of the research services report which Womack has shared with various groups. CSC had planned 8 services (open access policy, copyright and licensing, research data management, digitization projects, Digital Curation Research Center, Open access journals/publishing, and citation management tools) but we will need to make late adjustments. Although "scholarly publishing," in particular the journals program, was slated for inclusion, it has been removed. This leaves an uneven number of services, and the decision was to remove the "citation managers" portal for now, and Zhang will reconfigure this information to be listed under "tools" on the new website. Zhang will send Deodato the information and he will communicate the information to the web designers. We may reconfigure later. Pilch presented the copyright page for discussion, reminding the group that a full copyright webpage will be forthcoming. Copyright is involved in all of the research services, and Pilch prefers to be listed as a contact. Radick and Pilch presented the "digitization projects" page and CSC recommended a few tweaks to content. Radick will revise, and icons will be created for both services. Of particular interest was making sure that there was clarity about the difference between routine reproduction requests and other types of digitization project requests. Where to represent the digitization process information? It is more internal workflow related rather than public information. We may need a condensed more public version of that document so that requesters can see what the process will likely entail. There was a request to put RUcore contact information right up top of the digitization page. The group thanked Radick for her expert editing of the contents of all service pages so they would conform to RU style. CSC has now completed the initial group of services; there is no resolution on the open access journals publishing page at this time. Questions remain about initial contacts for some services, some labels, and placement of the page on the new website. Wang has had assistance from Koruth and McDonald in designing the page.

There is a large box on the front of the new website which might be the ideal place for the CSC webpage contents. Mullen, on behalf of the committee, will contact the co-chairs of the Web Board to inquire about that location's availability. CSC discussed whether this would be a link, or would include the actual display of icons. All mouseover text will need to be condensed and made more dynamic. The completion of the webpage work will be done via email. There was a discussion again about the main link, the term "researchers," and the lack of a perfect term for the potential users of these services. Could it be "scholarly communication services?" We will want to link this grouping of services from "services," "faculty" and "scholarly communication." The heading may be simply "scholarly communication," and be linked under services and faculty headings. There needs to be consensus on these labels and we will discuss by email. The group thanked Minglu for her dedicated work on this project.

4) Copyright update (Pilch)

The digitization priorities process is working nicely. Pilch and Marker meet bi-weekly. The process reveals questions so that they can be answered expeditiously. Pilch and Marker will tweak the form and create a workflow. There are now "collective decisions" about rights and access. Pilch is working on the CKT project, which is a specific grant funded data project. Newark Oral History and legacy dissertation initiatives are coming up. The completion of the copyright website is the most urgent task and this will provide information for research, teaching, and publications. Reform of copyright law is on the horizon. The House Judiciary Committee is about to re-evaluate copyright law with an eye to digital reforms. The first international treaty on visually disabled access is on the cusp of acceptance. Janice is reappointed to IFLA Committee on Copyright and Other Legal Matters.

5) Announcements (all)

Mullen announced that there will be no meeting in June; we will work through email to finish webpage. This is the last CSC meeting of the year. Mullen and Otto will be presenting on open access at the QQML conference in Rome in June. Open Access Week is in October, and CSC needs to identify potential programming. This agenda item was tabled due to time.

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