Minutes of May 4, 2015 Meeting

Rhonda Marker, Aletia Morgan, Laura Mullen, Jill Nathanson, Jane Otto, Minglu Wang
Tom Izbicki, Krista White, Yingting Zhang

1. Chair's Report (Mullen)

Round Robin Updates

The Senate Research, and Graduate and Professional Education Committee has been charged to look into an ORCID implementation at Rutgers. The response to this charge is due in December, volunteers are lined up, and the Committee will be looking at it over the summer. Otto chairs the RGPEC Committee of the University Senate.

Agenda items

1. Open Access Journals Program status update (Jantz, guest)

Ron Jantz was invited to CSC to give a presentation on the status of the Rutgers OA journals program. The goal was to provide a status update, review previous discussions with CSC and Cabinet, and to see if there are any other outstanding issues that need to be resolved. Over the past two years, various enhancements have been added to the processes and workflows in order to clarify the goals of the program, and to make sure the journals we publish are excellent. Jantz provided the following information as a status update on the program: High Level Acceptance Criteria (developed and vetted by CSC, presented to Cabinet), Journal Application Form created (modeled after the digitization project form and approved by CSC), and the "journals team process" previously brought to CSC and Cabinet (a few questions remain). Journal archiving in RUcore has been established. This was left over from an earlier Cabinet discussion. Jantz reviewed the current journals, providing information on downloads, and enhancements to OJS, and also provided information about journal publishing in CIC peer institutions (where the majority are publishing journals). We are still able to be an innovator and leader in the OA journal publishing area. Discussion focused on some of the things we have done to make sure our journals meet all available quality indicators including: reapplying to DOAJ using new, more stringent criteria, using CrossRef DOIs and other publisher indicators, utilizing indexing recommendations which are best made by the subject specialist librarians, and pursuing memberships in organizations such as LPC (Library Publishing Coalition) and OASPA (Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association). Remaining issues that will be discussed with Izbicki further will be the membership of the journals team. The process identified by CSC over the past two years has been that any faculty member interesting in discussing the journals program and/or a new journal idea would start with a discussion with the journals coordinator (Jantz). Jantz would use the high level criteria and other expertise to determine whether the project seemed to fit the scope of the program, and if so, a small journals team would provide a larger discussion about content, aims of the journal, etc. This team would likely include a few people (including the subject specialist librarian for a particular journal). Once journal is deemed a "go," the proposal would be taken to Cabinet, and then all workflows would begin. The workflow, including all other necessary steps of review, has been vetted previously with CSC and Cabinet. Mullen will follow up with Izbicki on any other outstanding issues, such as the steps necessary to establish a journals team. Izbicki would be part of the journals team to vet any newly proposed titles and will weigh in on the composition of the small journals team. The small team would not need to be the technology-oriented, but more content/scope vetting in nature.

2. SOAR update and discussion (including ARCS2015 Conference takeaways) (Otto, Mullen)

Mullen and Otto provided information about current status of SOAR, considering that the "Day One" for this major initiative is only a few months away. Otto mentioned the issues of staffing and how we will need to ramp up in this area. Increasing deposits are already coming in. The video producer, Lora Appel, a recent PhD student from SC&I completed work on the SOAR video and CSC members were asked for their final opinions on the video. There was discussion about the content and aim of the video, and responses were positive. The video will be posted to the SOAR site following the meeting. There were suggestions that SOAR make available new videos over time, as well as consider producing "how to" tutorials with information on SOAR deposit, the policy, etc. Time is short, but certainly more materials can be produced going forward. Otto reported on supplementary data that is part of the published article, and also mentioned the USAWG meeting of April 9 which focused on deposit form re-design. The first supplementary data has come in; article goes in SOAR and data goes into RUresearch, with reciprocal links. Mullen and Otto are getting more PR materials together such as a "quick start" bookmark (5 easy steps to deposit in SOAR), a more fleshed out SOAR handout, and will be updating the fact sheet. Mullen and Otto are in a heavy outreach phase, and will follow this with more workshops for liaisons. An update was delivered to EVPAA Edwards (as mandated by the timeline) which included the interim SOAR implementation report authored by Mullen and Otto, and a copy of the "Deans' letter" authored by the Implementation Working Group. Otto and Mullen sent the letter about the upcoming policy to 33 deans. Some are now responding and asking for initial brief presentations about SOAR (a few minutes at high level meetings). Mullen shared a list of recent SOAR-related presentations (since last month): ACRL presentation (Portland, OR) which was a roundtable on OA policy work by librarians, Dana drop-in for librarians, NB Faculty Council presentation on SOAR, RWJ Library drop in, Camden Faculty of Arts and Sciences and Graduate Program Directors, NJLA poster presenting SOAR to NJ librarians, ARCS (Advancing Research Communication & Scholarship) Conference 2015, Philadelphia (Otto and Mullen hosted a panel and workshop on early career researchers and scholarly communication), upcoming brief meetings from deans at SC&I, Pharmacy, Grad School NB, and others. A meeting with the faculty survey personnel is in the works. We get many questions about how SOAR interfaces with the faculty survey.

3. Open Access Week (All) (Tabled)

There is no concrete project on the table. We will have to keep discussing by email. Time is running out for programming to be scheduled.

4. CSC webpage discussion (All) (Tabled)

5. Future meetings and agendas (All)

Consensus was to meet in June, and once in the summer. Mullen will poll the group.

6. Announcements, Adjourn (All)

There were no announcements.

Respectfully submitted (May 6, 2015)
Laura Bowering Mullen

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