Minutes of October 11, 2006 Meeting

Kayo Denda, Ann Montanaro(Chair), Laura Mullen(Recorder), Mary Page, Cathy Pecoraro, Gracemary Smulewitz, Bob Warwick.
Martin Kesselman


  1. Central Search
  2. Update on other ERM issues

1. Mock-up of Central Search screen by Sam/Shaun was presented. Name "Searchlight," suggested by Jeanne will be the name of the Rutgers federated search. This was discussed at the previous meeting and agreed to by all. Flashlight icon will identify the search function and group recommended some changes to the look of the icon. Preference for sleeker flashlight and addition of beam of light.

Other issues discussed:

The group discussed the mock-up page for Searchlight and recommends the following changes/additions:(Ann will discuss with Sam)

2. Update of other committee issues:

Minutes of this committee's meetings can be found under both "Public Services" and "Technical Services."

Respectfully submitted,
Laura Bowering Mullen Oct.16, 2006.

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/eratf/minutes/eratf_06_10_11.shtml
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