Planning and Coordinating Committee: Charge

The Planning and Coordinating Committee shall consist of: the University Librarian (ex-officio), the Faculty Coordinator (who will serve as chair), the Deputy Faculty Coordinator, the Faculty Secretary, seven members elected from the campuses or functions in which they serve: 11/12/04

and up to a maximum of two additional members appointed by the University Librarian from the faculty at-large if deemed necessary to ensure diversity in areas of expertise. Members thus appointed will serve a 1 year term.

This committee shall advise the University Librarian on
a. program priorities in the area of faculty line assignments, the provision of library services and collections, research, and service in relation to resource allocation, and
b. long range planning (3 to 5 years) in the areas listed above.
The committee shall also
a. act on behalf of the Faculty at such times when the Faculty as a whole cannot meet.
b. be responsible for coordinating the activities of the Faculty and its committees, and
c. shall exercise such powers as the Faculty may delegate to it. 6/11/04

Bylaws Section VII.4

Last updated May 25, 2005; August 3, 2009 (Council Representative titles changed)
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