Planning and Coordinating Committee: Members


Marianne Gaunt
University Librarian

Triveni Kuchi
Faculty Coordinator

Thomas Glynn
Deputy Faculty Coordinator/Faculty Coordinator Elect

Megan Lotts (2013/15)
Faculty Secretary

Jeanne Boyle
AUL for Planning & Organizational Research

Laura Palumbo (2014/15)
Library Resources Council Representative

Jane Sloan (2014/15)
User Services Council Representative

Zara Wilkinson (2014/16)
Camden Campus Representative

Minglu Wang (2014/16)
Newark Campus Representative

Karen Hartman (2014/15)
New Brunswick Representative

Adriana Cuervo (2014/16)
System-wide Units Representative

Judith Cohn (2014/16)
Health Sciences Library Representative

Yu-Hung Lin (2014/16)
Technical and Automated Services Representative

Francesca Giannetti (2014/15)
Appointed Member

Linda Langschied (2014/15)
Appointed Member

Last updated July 17, 2014
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