Minutes of August 12, 2003 meeting

Andrew Ruggiero (Chair), Bob Hosh(Recorder), Gracemary Smulewitz, Stephanie Bartz, Suzanne Posluszny, Diane Walker, Paul Cabelli, Harriet DeCeunyck
Ellen Calhoun, Kayla Reichardt


1. Do we need an "863" for deceased and inactive microfiche and film doc serial titles as opposed to our "866" summary holdings.

2. How do we want to track shadowed items for future searching received in serial and monograph Marcive loads?

A. Keep lists on T-drive permanently
B. Limit search on IRIS to "Shadowed" and "Pending"
C. Add special 500 note to shadowed items
D. Create an excel list of these items w/t.c.# - sudoc etc.

3. Updating our documents claiming procedures.

4. Review policy of adding additional formats to marcive serial holdings as opposed to "any one" format with the Marcive monographs.

5. Review updated procedures for processing monthly batches of monographs and serial records from Marcive including “serial w/in a series”  and“powersearch” sub-guides.


The meeting was called to order at 10:20 a.m.

1. Retention of Slip Laws and house and senate reports:
A discussion ensued as to how the Slip law display should appear in IRIS? It was decided to display the paper holdings location as well as the online entry with a note that the slip laws are eventually superceded by Statutes-at-Large.

There is a need to develop similar procedures for the House and Senate reports. Paul and Andrew will work on this.

2. Microfilm and microfiche holdings: Many microfiche titles have substantial back runs. How should these be handled? Should we use an 863 MARC tag or enter individual item lines?

It was decided we give these titles further study and approach them on a case by case basis; inventories should be taken and eventually developing a procedure and template for receiving them.

Melody should attend the documents processing meeting to assist with these holding problems.

3. Discussion of items which are not found:   These can be of two types. Those that we have evidence of having received (shipping lists) and those which we have no evidence of having received (no shipping list). These are mostly on the Marcive Monograph List. Should these be shadowed after a diligent search? There seem to be a substantial number and do we want a large body of shadowed records of this type in the system?< br /> Should we process these as done and mark them “missing”?

It was decided we need to get a better picture of these titles and perhaps propose a limited time period to search for them (non-receipts) and mark them “missing”.

4. Record over-lay problems: There seem to be too many multiple records (brief & full) in the system for the same title.

Bob will keep a record of the number and kinds of these non-overlay problems and pass the records on to the appropriate individuals for solution.


A. Need to develop procedures to process House and Senate reports.
B. Microfiche titles with back runs will be inventoried and how to display holdings will be done on a case by case basis.
C. Melody will be invited to attend the Government Documents Processing Team meetings to help with solving holdings problems.
D. A limited time search for non-receipts and mark them “missing” needs to be developed.
E. BH will monitor the number and kinds of over-lay problems at LSM and bring them to the attention of the appropriate people for action.


1. Team members are to read the handouts before the next meeting:

a. Marcive Monographic Processing Procedures
b. Marcive Serials Processing Procedures
c. Marcive Monograph Power Search
d. Serial within a Series Guide


EC and BIB/CAT focus group will visit the Annex and review documents files with person in charge in late August.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:00

Next meeting is September 9, 2003 at 10:00 a.m. in the Special Collections Room at LSM

Next recorder: Suzanne Posluszny

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