Minutes of December 12, 2006 meeting

Chair: Bob H, Recorder: Ellen, Neera, Natasha, Sal (guest), Gracemary, Stephanie, Melody (guest), Diane, Colin, Elizabeth


  1. Review of last meeting minutes
  2. General discussion of bound withs
  3. Discussion of processing maps with accompanying materials.
  4. Statistics keeping for MARCIVE


Meeting called to order 1:00 pm; meeting adjourned 3:25 pm

  1. Changes to the November 2006 minutes should be sent to Paul Cabelli. Elizabeth noted that MARCIVE authority records still load each month, and that Brenda Carter in DBM does whatever cleanup is needed for these records.
  2. Bound volumes of monographic series were determined to be of 3 types:
    1. Bound volume consists of monograph titles only : best solution, follow standard practice for parent/child titles. The first title in the bound volume is the parent, and all others are children.
      If a MARCIVE bib record triggers a cataloging issue for a bound volume, the ideal solution would be to catalog all titles in the volume, inserting priority slips and sending copies of the existing bib records along with the volume to cataloging. However, Gracemary will consult with MaryBeth Weber as to the wisdom of creating a brief record for the parent title (unless that is the MARCIVE record in question) and brief records for the children(?) with a 500 MONNEWPEN note for each brief record.
    2. Bound volume is a mix of serial and monograph titles. In this case, the serial(s) bibliographic record must be traced, and the entire history of the title within the series uncovered. DTS will strategize to determine the best process for handling the pre-cat functions needed in these instances.
    3. Bound volume is entirely serial titles. If these titles are all non-circulating, or if the monographic series is non-circulating, a Marc holding statement can be used to represent the holdings for each title. Serials cataloging team has worked out a procedure for parent/child barcodes in this scenario, but it requires a layout of the entire history of all of the serial titles involved in the bound volumes.
    Note: if a record is not a root record, and the date cat is never, do not change the date cat if you are adding holdings in a different format. Leave the date cat as never until the root record decision is made. This happens most frequently when adding print or fiche holdings to an online bib record.
  3. Treat the envelope containing maps as a piece if the maps stay with the envelope. Since there seems to be some discrepancies in processing within the various campuses, it was decided to revisit this discussion at a meeting with Jamie present.
  4. We are no longer keeping time frame statistics for MARCIVE processes. Bob noted the value in keeping the summary tables up to date, and will review the rationale at the next meeting. The question of who is counting what and where was also raised, especially in terms of bib records and item adds. Bob(?) will investigate for the next meeting. The idea of keeping monthly totals of MARCIVE “recon” for internal statistics was also raised.
    Note: the MON-NEW-OL files load with a dat cat and are not reviewed – so no one was sure how these titles are counted for ARL statistics.
    Note: Ramon Frackowski will be the contact person in TAS for non-MARCIVE print government documents – federal, state, foreign, and international. The contact person for MARCIVE/maps/ videos TBA. [after the meeting, it was announced that Steve Perrotta will be the contact for MARCIVE Maps; and Charlotte Toke and Mary Beth Weber will be the contacts for MARCIVE videos]


  1. Date cat will be left as never pending root record creation.
  2. Marc statements can be used in lieu of barcoded item lines for non-circulating bound withs.


  1. Gracemary will discuss using MONNEWPEN brief records for monographic series with MaryBeth Weber.
  2. Bob H. will determine what statistics are being kept, and bring a proposal to the next meeting.

Next meeting date: January 9, 2007 at 10:00 am at ALEX Distributed Technical Services
Next recorder : Hosh; Backup recorder: Liebtag

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