Minutes of May 10, 2011 meeting

Stephanie Bartz, Bill Bejarano, Paul Cabelli, Ellen Calhoun, Bob Hosh (chair), Elizabeth Leister, Neera Sondhi, Katrina Zwaaf (recorder)
Gracemary Smulewitz, Yoshiko Ishii (DANA), Andrea Lakios (DANA), Wen-Hua Ren (DANA)

1. Review of the February 8, 2011 meeting minutes

Minutes approved, Bob will send minutes to Sam McDonald for posting to the Gov Docs web page

2. General discussion of the new workflow

  1. Incoming documents workflow is moving smoothly
  2. Separates don't come with a shipping list and sometimes that list is not yet made available with the information needed (SuDoc and/or item number) to create a brief record for monograph titles on that list. Unfortunately there's nothing that can be done for these until shipping lists or a record shows up in CGP with the information meaning these titles have to sit longer than the 10 day time period allotted by GPO to make the items available to the public.
  3. DTS will now be sending anything new going to LSM DOCUS, DOCUSM, DOCUS-COM or DOCUS-MAP directly to Ellen so she can review them before they are shelved. Katrina will set up a workflow for this.

3. Discussion of progress on the old MARCIVE lists

  1. Neera reported that both SER-NEW and DWS lists have been worked on and finished or worked on and awaiting notification from CRC that cataloging work has been completed. There are still a number of LSM SER-CNG lists that need to be worked on. All work on DTS's end is done for Monograph lists and awaiting notification from cataloging on items sent that required cataloging attention.
  2. Katrina reported that all the action that could be taken by DTS on SER-NEW and DWS SERIALS has already been taken either by completing lists or waiting to get notification from CRC that that cataloging work has been completed. There are still a number of ALEX SER-CNG lists to work on.

4. Discussion of the DWS-MON workflow

  1. Neera reported that there aren't backlogs for LSM Monographs.
  2. Stephanie reported that there is a bit of a monograph backlog at ALEX.
  3. Ellen is doing a recon for LSM monographs by adding tangible holdings to online records. Stephanie would like to do the same for ALEX at some point in the future.
  4. Elizabeth has started reviewing MONNEWPEN records from a report generated for records created through January 2011. She is currently separating out brief records with boundwiths because there is no procedure on how to deal with them.
  5. Ellen suggested loading DWS monographs directly into workflows eliminating the need for the review file. The only downside to this is that broken PURLS and Typos will not be caught. This issue will discussed further and decided upon at August's meeting.

5. Topics from the floor

  1. Ellen is giving Neera 2-3 serial titles per week of the LSM State NJ material to relocate to DOCNJ.

Next meeting: Aug. 9, 10:00 AM, Alexander Library Pane Room
Next recorder: Gracemary Smulewitz
Back up recorder: Stephanie Bartz

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