Minutes of March 13, 2008 meeting

Susan Brower, Paul Cabelli, John Embres (Camden), Jamie Maguire, Teri McNally (Camden), Neera Sondhi, Melody Tomaszewicz, Linda Zuckerman (chair - recorder)
Dean Meister, Fatima Cunha


  1. Priority slips modification and workflows of materials to DBM.
  2. 852 document changes
  3. LocalMaint documents
  4. TECHSR documents
  5. Status of current projects

1. Minutes from February meeting were reviewed. Melody will make some minor adjustments and then send minutes out to DTS_All, Camden & Dana. When Yasu receives them, he will automatically upload them to our website.

2. Discussion of priority slips postponed till next meeting.

3. 852 Document - Changes made to document (were highlighted in yellow). Title of document changed to "852 Document". Current title kept in parenthesis under main title. Final changes will be discussed next month at the TSCWG meeting and finalized. The following items will be brought up at the TSCWG meeting: #7 (loose issues that are shelved main entry, and not by title) needs clarification for DOCLUS, #12 (loose issues in REF that get bound in same location) is done this way to minimize the number of MARCS, #26 & #27 (pre-cat processing standards) Paul will restate those items to make them clearer. The use of question marks for material temporarily shelved at its original location in library stacks and waiting for a call # change will be addressed during the next TSCWG meeting, #34 (other miscellaneous notes) Melody will add a one time reference of |cStacks|hCall#|z at the beginning of the section and then give all the examples of "z" notes. Paul will modify lines that refer to SUDOC which use Y4.

4. LocalMaint Policy Document - Slight modification to document. In 4th paragraph, sentence should read "using the delete field command" instead of "using the delete the field command". Melody will modify the document and then it will be presented at TSCWG.

5. LocalMaint Procedure Document - Jamie will add screen captures. Melody will highlight the statement "use delete field command" and also make some other minor modifications such as add additional staff notes and then document will be presented at TSCWG.

6. TECHSR Document - Need to talk to Andy and billing department regarding handling of Lost/Replacement. Some departments (Camden & Douglass) are creating brief records for replaced books. Suggestion to rename TECHSR document to CIRC-On-The-Fly Procedure. Melody will make modifications.

7. Other Comments - "x" note should come before "z" note. Should not have multiple "z" notes, should break them up with semi-colons.

8. Status of Projects


  1. Modifications will be made to the various documents by MT, JM, PC.


These documents will be presented at TSCWG

  1. 852 Document.
  2. LocalMaint Policy Document
  3. LocalMaint Procedure Document
  4. TECHSR Document

Next meeting

April 10, 2008
Heyer Conference Room
Time: 10:00am

Next recorder: Paul Cabelli
Back up recorder: Jamie MaGuire

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/holdings/minutes/holdings_08-03-13.shtml
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