Minutes of November 13, 2008 meeting

Susan Brower [Recorder], Paul Cabelli, Fatima Cunha (Dana), Jon Embres (Camden), Dean Meister, Neera Sondhi, Melody Tomaszewicz, Linda Zuckerman
Jamie Maguire


  1. Item type changes - how are we adjusting to them?
  2. HRMT web page - what procedures do we want on the page?
  3. Exit passes at Alexander
  4. Procedure for Items with conflicting Circ Status and Stamp.
  5. Progress on projects, and any issues
  6. Information sharing

Item type changes

Lists will be revised whenever new item types or holding codes are created. They can be found on the TSCWG web page. The link is: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/ts-core/reports.shtml

HRMT web page

Team leaders are meeting with Rebecca to discuss what procedures are on the web page, what procedures need to be added to the web page and what procedures need updating. The group listed procedures that should be on the web page: Adds, Withdrawals, Transfers, Boundwith, Serial Inventory, 852 document, localmaint, weeding and links to circ page for holding codes, item types and problem slip

Exit Passes

Access Services wanted DTS to be aware that in very specific situations patrons will be granted permission to take non circulating material from the building. The material will be charged to the patron with a specific short term due date. If the material isn't barcoded a brief techsr record will be created and DTS will try to merge the material to a fully cataloged record.

Procedure for Items and Conflicting Circ Status and Stamp

Located on the Circulation web page is the procedure for dealing with material that appears it should have circulating status but has a stamp in the rear of the material indicating it is non circulating. Access Services allows the material to circulate but warns the patron the material is subject to recall. Access Services sends a form to DTS for staff to act on and determine if the material should circulate. Melody will forward the email from Andy Martinez discussing the process.

Information sharing / Updates on projects









Reminder: If superseded material is being transferred to another unit the material should be charged to CS-LSM or CS- ALEX while being worked on at the hub. When it is ready for transfer, discharge and the material will be In-transit to the receiving library.

Next meeting: December 10, 2008
Location: Alexander
Time: 10:00 am

Recorder: Paul Cabelli
Back up recorder: Jamie Maguire

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/holdings/minutes/holdings_08-11-13.shtml
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