Minutes of September 16, 2009 meeting

Susan Brower, Paul Cabelli, Fatima Cunha, John Embry, Dean Meister, Jamie Maguire, Neera Sondhi, Melody Tomaszewicz, Linda Zuckerman [Chair - recorder], Katrina Zwaaf


  1. Review Minutes from June.
  2. Re-animation of the Serials Inventory Project.
  3. Upcoming Holdings Projects.
  4. Information Sharing

1. June minutes will be revised and resent.

2. Melody and Paul will meet to discuss modifications to:

  1. Current Population Reports - Serials bound-with
  2. Department of State Bulletin - different situations doing bound-with process - need to create summary on this
  3. Statistical bulletin
  4. Census

3. Jamie announced that a task force for tracking system-wide weeding was created

  1. Members are Gracemary, Melody, Andy Martinez, Chris Sterback, Elsa Alves, Ellen Calhoun, Teri McNally
  2. Spreadsheet is being created
  3. There is last copy duplication between Douglass and Camden

4. Reanimation of serials inventory project

  1. X note with last inventoried information should still be added to 852 in MARC holdings
  2. Need to determine how much time is needed to use the inventory wizard - whether we should do it ourselves or have Chris Sterback do it by program checking for the X note.
  3. Melody and Jamie are going to try different ways to update the information and come up with suggestions to present to TSWG.
  4. Need to rerun unit reports to eliminate what has been inventoried
  5. Need to motivate people to start doing serial inventory
  6. Students can barcode and staff will create MARC holdings and inventory lines.
  7. Melody will go over to LSM to barcode or get students working at LSM to do it.
  8. In monograph inventory - damage codes are being used (condition codes)
  9. Suggestion is to add damage/condition code to workflows when we are doing serials inventory
  10. Jamie will get damage /condition codes from Andy Martinez
  11. Can eventually generate reports searching on the damage/condition code

5. Need to remove 930 and change to 866 for local branches

  1. Jamie will verify that we send email to Fatima for Dana and Teri for Camden to remove 930 tag.
  2. Jamie will discuss with Chris Sterback about generating a report to identify 930's in the system for all libraries.

6. Mold at the Physics library (leak in HVAC system)

  1. Collection Management pulled books with mold
  2. Sent to Ella (selector at Physics)
  3. Ella determined what to remediate or withdraw or replace

Completed Projects

  1. Reference Weeding
  2. Kilmer Reference Weeding
  3. RIE Transfer to Annex
  4. Relabel REF to REF Folio and REF E-Folio

Next Projects

  1. Z8000 moved to stacks
    1. If there are duplicates, Jamie will decide which is better copy
    2. If selector doesn't want to keep copy - then we will make offer to Camden or Dana
  2. FBIS (Foreign Broadcasting Information Service) - DOCUS
    1. Needs to be taken out of boxes and sorted and catalogued
    2. All print copies need to be sent to Annex - film staying at Alex
    3. Need to determine how many fit in a bindable unit and whether to use boxes or string.
  3. Art Library
    1. Sara Harrington pulled books from H to Z in the stacks and determined what should be withdrawn and what should be transferred.
    2. Jamie did the withdrawals (134) and next week will do the transfer to Annex
    3. Set of dictionaries in French at Alex - Sara Harrington needs to review for transfer from REF to Stacks
  4. FCC Record
    1. 500 volumes (paper) - half are bound and half are bar-coded
  5. Catalog of copyright entries - going to Annex
    1. 10 - 15 volumes already bound and catalogued sitting in DOCUS (some unbound)
    2. 100's of individual copyright entries need to be barcoded - may be able to put in a bindable unit
  6. Alex Library
    1. Stacks weeding on 2A, 2B & 3.
    2. Lists have been run
    3. Selectors are making decisions
  7. LSM REF Weeding
    1. No date set at this time
  8. Non-Depository US Docs on microprint cards
    1. Possible transfer to Annex
    2. Talking stage


  1. Dana
    1. Weeding Project
    2. 105 books to bindery
  2. Camden
    1. Weeding Project - finished letter "H"

Next meeting: November 17
Alex - University Librarian's Conference Room - (Alex 3rd floor)
Next recorder: Katrina Zwaaf
Back up recorder: Susan Brower

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