Minutes for April 13, 2011 meeting

Susan Brower, Paul Cabelli, Fatima Cunha, Jamie Maguire, Neera Sondhi, Melody Tomaszewicz, Linda Zuckerman [Chair & Recorder], Katrina Zwaaf
John Embres, Dean Meister


  1. Approval of previous minutes
  2. Current projects information sharing

Meeting Minutes

1. Dean not present - November 10th minutes still not approved

2. February 9th minutes approved

Project Sharing:

1. Susan

  1. Access services is searching Waxman collection in REF - so far searched 175 and swapped 14
  2. Kilmer withdrawals of NJ docs
  3. Routine tasks

2. Neera

  1. Routine tasks
  2. Marchive
  3. Special collections
  4. Moving NJ State titles to DOCNJ at LSM - all serials inventory
  5. E-journal work

3. Melody

  1. REF weed is starting at LSM - what is not weeded will transfer to Annex
  2. EAL added monographs & gifts to Alex

4. Linda

  1. ERIC fiche weeding project continues
  2. Current journals moved to new location in bound periodicals room
  3. Shifting govdoc current journals
  4. Student appreciation week

5. Jamie

  1. Lots of projects on hold
    • Math Weed II
    • Douglass duplicate weeding
    • Hungarian journals consolidation
    • Business Weeding
    • Alex Stacks
  2. EAL continuing - Suzanne working on it & Alan labeling and shelving
  3. Accompanying material for JAZZ - every CD
  4. Electronic resource work

6. Katrina

  1. Marchive
  2. Most projects on hold

7. Paul

  1. No projects
  2. Electronic resource work
  3. Routine tasks

8. Fatima

  1. 20 books per week shifting from REF to Stacks - adding barcodes and labels
  2. Move "Z" call numbers
  3. Gift books
  4. Routine work

9. John

  1. Computer lab is supposed to be done by the end of the semester
  2. Microfilm weeding and bound periodical weeding continues

Next Meeting:
Date: June 8
Place: Pane Room at Alex
Time: 10:00am
Next recorder: Katrina Zwaaf
Back up recorder: Susan Brower

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