Minutes of Friday May 4, 2001 Meeting

Leslie Murtha (Chair), Vibiana Bowman, Eileen Stec, Kevin Mulcahy, Jeris Cassel, Jackie Mardikian (recorder)

Minutes of the March 30 meeting were approved with 2 corrections. Correct the spelling of Jeanne Boyle's name. Remove the last sentence in the Instruction Program model development "As time did not allow discussion, a sub-committee composed of Sam McDonald, Vib Bowman and Jeris Cassel was formed to amend or create an alternative document." (Note: corrections in previous minutes made.)

Announcements and Updates

Bobbie will be attending the Immersion program.

LACUNY Institute on information literacy is on May 18. We presented at this program last year. Leslie will send announcement information.

The searches for the 2 Instruction librarians are going well. Three more interviews are scheduled for May 8, 14 and 15.

Patricia Libutti has accepted the position of Education Librarian, starting on July 1.

We will start interviewing for the new Training Position on May 11.

We suggested a combined future meeting with WAC.

Some of the equipment we asked for has been funded by ELF funds.

Jeris and Vib are now President and Vice-President of the NJLA, College and Research Libraries.

Tentative arrangements have been made for SCILS students to participate in the Teaching a Life program at Douglass this fall.

ISC will have a future meeting devoted to student orientations.

Jeris will be teaching the library course for the McNair Scholars program again at Alex this summer.

ISC members announced teaching programs this summer. As an example, there are 10 EOF sessions already scheduled for Livingston students, and others are scheduled for other libraries.

Rutgers College Open House for parents is on August 30 on Busch campus. This is the same day as the TA orientation in which Scott, Kevin and Jackie will be participating.

Some editing work needs to be done on the orientation film.

Vendor demonstrations will be set up for classroom control type software.

NJLA Overview

The 4 presentations on user training were very good. The presenters will be taking these sessions on the road. We recommended that this program be presented to Rutgers University Libraries. Leslie will pursue such an Instruction Forum with Jeanne.

Leslie distributed the "Objectives for Information Literacy Instruction: A Model Statement for Academic Librarians". The emphasis here is on the collaborative nature of information literacy instruction.

The Research Methods programs were also well received.

Report from Web Committee

This was tabled for the next meeting. Leslie will formalize the charge. Vib will demonstrate a new prototype at the next meeting.

Report from TILT Subcommittee

Eileen, Vib and Scott examined the software. The committee has concerns about the codes and how Systems will have to be involved in handling the PHP programming. The advantages of Flash software streaming were discussed. After some discussion, it was determined that we can use ideas from TILT to develop our own module tutorials.

The meeting was interrupted because of a fire emergency in the building. Remaining agenda items were tabled for the next meeting to be held on Friday May 25 at 9:30 am at the Kilmer library.

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