Minutes of June 10, 2002 Meeting

Rebecca Gardner, Triveni Kuchi, Jackie Mardikian (recorder), Leslie Murtha (Chair), Eileen Stec, Stephanie Tama, Roberta Tipton.

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved with a few amendments.


The ISC Committee thanked Julie Still for all her contributions to the ISC.

Eileen reported that there will be changes in the way "Shaping A Life" will be taught next year, but definite decisions have not yet been made. Eileen volunteered to talk about the results of "Shaping a Life". She suggested we create an assessment tool to give our graduating seniors determining their opinions about the Libraries.

Leslie reported on the successful workshop "50 Minute Instructor: A Teaching Skills Seminar" the ISC committee gave on May 10. We will postpone discussion about "Workshop debriefing and planning" to the next meeting.

At the Rutgers College orientation, we will again run a video about the Libraries. We will stuff students' packets with library brochures, including a new handout being developed for undergraduates. Stephanie will need the handouts for the University College orientation.

Jackie reported on the fall School of Public Health orientation she will be presenting in June.

It was suggested that we invite Grace and Jeanne, who support instruction to one of our meetings in the fall.

Meeting Schedule:

Next meeting is July 1
Meetings will be on the first Friday of the month till the end of 2002
January 3
February 7
March 3
April 4
May 2
May 30


Leslie distributed the "ISC Statistical Data Criteria and Definitions'. A new field will be added such as Course number if known. We also need to include the session # for multiple sessions of the same course (example English 201). We will also add a "notes field".

Curriculum Material Project Update and Plans:

Send your files to Vib if you haven't already done so.

Exemplary Curriculum Materials:

Please send materials to Eileen.

English Writing Program:

There are many English writing programs such as English 201, 301 for transfer students, English 101 which does not have a research component, and Scientific and Technical Writing being offered on the New Brunswick campus.

We need to get more feedback, better coordination and work with the instructors for the English 201 classes. A subcommittee consisting of Stephanie, Jeris, Eileen and Leslie was formed to draft a plan with Michael Cripps of the English program for the New Brunswick campus. This will be discussed at the August meeting to be put in place before the beginning of the semester in September.

Instruction Brochure Update:

We need to update this brochure before September.

Accomplishments and Goals for 2001/2002:

We have completed our first goal of writing an instructional module. We will be testing a few assessment tools, providing progress in our second goal. More and more librarians are now working on curriculum committees and Fellows in Colleges. This is a long-term goal of ISC. In the ISC Annual Report, we will report on many other goals that we have accomplished this year.

Our goals for next year will be discussed at the July meeting. For next meeting, please bring a list of appropriate questions to help librarians assess library instruction. The need to evaluate instruction came out of discussion at the Coordinating Committee.

Next meeting is on Monday July 1st at 9:30 am at the Kilmer Library


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