Minutes of March 5, 2004 Meeting

Patricia Libutti, Eileen Stec, Jeris Cassel, Triveni Kuchi, Bobbie Tipton (Chair). Theo Haynes , Sam McDonald, Jeanne Boyle, Leslie Murtha, Ellen Zander (guest), Heather Huey (guest), Jackie Mardikian (recorder),

The agenda and the minutes of the February meeting were approved.


The two guests Ellen Zander and Heather Huey were introduced.

Rutgers will be participating in Project SAILS. This ARL project from Kent State University Libraries deals with standardized assessment of information literacy skills. Eileen Stec is the contact person on this project. Patricia Libutti needs extra librarians to teach 2 sessions for 35 students each on April 8, 2004. These classes are for high school students in advanced placement. If you are interested, please contact Tricia.

Progress with May conference:

Jeanne updated us on the progress of the symposium that will take place on the morning of May 6, 2004. We agreed on the title of the symposium: “Information Literacy and Student Learning at Rutgers: Standard Competencies and Search for Strategies”. The symposium will take place at the SCC with video conferencing on two campuses.

We are trying to get co-sponsors from the university for this symposium—with a possible emphasis on administrators who give internal grants.

We have two speakers who are experts in information literacy: Ilene Rockman from California State University, and Terrence Mech from King's College.

Jeanne with suggestions from the ISC and RU library directors has formed an Information Literacy Advisory Committee. Different disciplines from Rutgers are represented on this Advisory committee. The 5-7 faculty members are individuals who are creative and innovative teachers. We would like to start a dialogue with them on teaching methods, find out where we fit in, how we can help and collaborate, and find out what they are doing, plus ask their advice on how to carry this out.

The ISC committee will be meeting with this new Information Literacy Advisory Committee in April. We will be inviting the Advisory Committee for lunch with the speakers and members of the ISC committee on May 6.

We discussed possible ideas we can bring for discussion to the new Advisory Committee at the April meeting. Possible topics might include the outline of SearchPath and the literacy documentation from ACRL. For next meeting, ISC members were asked to bring ideas for discussion with the Advisory Committee.

The Symposium subcommittee needs to meet after the April 2 ISC meeting. Bobbie will e-mail RUL everyone to announce the program and ask staff to save the date of May 6.

Discussion of Tutorial Modules:

Leslie demonstrated module 6 "Citing Sources". ISC liked the module and made a few suggestions for improvement.

The editors of the IRIS module have submitted the first draft to Sam. The "Finding the Articles" module will be submitted soon even though more changes will be made when Open URL is implemented.

There was discussion on what to do with "Input " and "Survey". Heather volunteered to investigate how these tools are being used at Western Michigan University. Tricia and Heather will review other files (examples are the introduction pages and the table of contents) that are not part of the modules.

Next meeting is in the Information Handling Labs at SCC on April 2, 2004.

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