Minutes of April 7, 2006 Meeting

J. Boyle, J. Cassel, T. Haynes (chair), A. Joachim (recorder), T. Kuchi, E. Stec, B. Tipton, D. Wertheimer

1. Review of 2005-6 Goals:

The committee discussed the status of, and progress on, the goals that we had set at the beginning of this academic year.

2. Tutorial Modules:

Much of this discussion was addressed in the review of the ISC goals for the past Academic Year. Please see above.

3. Progress on Searchpath Assessment:

Searchpath Assessment is continuing to move forward, as interviews are conducted. Tricia has done a wonderful job of organizing this project and keeping the assessment on track.

Some questions that have arisen from the interviews:

Meeting adjourned at 11:45AM. Next meeting will be at TSB, on May 5th, 2006.

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