Minutes of June 1, 2007 Meeting

Jeris Cassel, Theo Haynes, Triveni Kuchi, Roberta Tipton, Donna Wertheimer

Amendment to the agenda made to include announcements

Minutes of 5/11/2007 approved


Election for Chair of ISC for 2007-2009:

Jeris Cassel and Eileen Stec were selected as chair and vice-chair respectively for a two year term 2007-2009.

Theo will clarify ISC's role regarding assessment and impact of library instruction with PSC.

The lack of easily accessible professional development opportunities for instruction librarians that would help develop avenues to reach out to all types of learners as well as to survive the learning curve of new technologies was pointed out. Further discussions would help clarify how competencies of instruction librarians can be improved or developed while keeping in mind their heavy instruction, reference, and collection development schedules.

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