Minutes for November 20, 2002 Meeting

Ruth Bogan, Gracemary Smulewitz, Christopher Sterback (recorder), Farideh Tehrani

1. The working group housekeeping tasks were defined. Each member will take turns recording a summary of the discussion at the meeting and will make use as needed of the web site under the Staff Resources/Technical Services/Committees and Task Forces/Inventory and Stacks Automation Working Group. Also, Chris recommended referring to the group as ISAWG.

2. The group reviewed each item of the charge to insure that we were clear as to the goal and expected deliverables. Each goal was discussed and the group identified how each of these areas is being addressed now.

Goal #1 - the group asked whether we need to do a physical inventory. Also, we questioned whether there was any benefit in retrospectively converting the brief records already in Unicorn as a separate project.

Goal #2 - could we separate this item into two separate goals? Shelf reading is being done now and is ongoing, physical inventory is not being done and potentially has a different workflow.

Goal #3 - past weeding projects and batch transfer processes were reviewed. A negative aspect to current weeding workflow is the time consuming nature of searching for duplicates in the database. For batch transfers, the downside is relabeling and assignment of new call number for items transferred to the Annex.

Goal #4 - the group wasn't quite clear what was meant by "time interval management" and will ask Grace for clarification.

Goal #5 - Chris asked what the problem was with retrieval at the Annex. The group identified that the Annex accession number is stored in the item comments and is not a searchable field. Gracemary inquired whether Marc Holdings could be used to store any of this information.

3. The group identified that serials holdings are not complete and would like to add the following goal to the ISAWG charge:

Physical inventory for serials holdings

4. The group discussed the requirement to consult with the Library Directors at each campus to identify their priorities. The group believes that the CDC recon task force has already identified uncataloged and unconverted collection needs and that we would be creating a list of items already decided and discussed. The group requests whether we could send a memo to the directors outlining how we will proceed but adding that we'd be happy to meet with them if they desire it.

5. Chris distributed two handouts that briefly summarize the Batch Withdrawal and Inventory capabilities in Unicorn. These documents will be posted on the ISAWG web pages and reviewed at a future meeting.

6. Given the amount of work associated with each goal, the ISAWG group requests a three month extension on the expected deliverables for Phase 1.

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