Invoice Focus Group Meeting Minutes: July 22, 2002

Kayla Reichart, Cathy Pecoraro, Julie Kaufman, Joan Hendershot, Sondra Bodner, Suzanne Posluszny, Asuncion M. De Chavez (recorder)


  1. Approval of minutes from previous meeting
  2. In-house invoicing statistics
  3. Forms for fund transfers and firm orders
  4. Renewal process
  5. Update on procedures manual
  6. misc. items

The group welcomed Julie Kaufman as a new Invoice Focus Group Leader.

1. The group approved the minutes from the last meeting.

Kayla commented on the section of the last minutes report Re: fund analysis- It is now necessary to analyze funds before payment of Invoice; there is a group organized to do the analysis of funds.

Re: statistics-Joan said that presently she is taking an statistics of invoices processed and statistics of entries. Julie keeps those statistics. The usefulness of having those statistics, is that at least it gives an overall picture of what's coming in.

2. In-House Invoicing Statistics

Statistics will be taken of the number of invoices processed as well as the number of entries on each invoice at both Alex and LSM Library.

Kayla questioned, besides those statistics what other form of statistics should be set up?

It was decided to keep statistics of:

Julie volunteered to create a statistics form. She said she will discuss with RPN to keep statistics for POs cancelled.

3. Forms for Fund Transfer and Firm Order

Kayla presented forms for Firm Order Requests and Fund Transfer Requests. The group studied and analyzed the two forms, all are agreed to use the forms. Joan stated, when she is preparing the Fund Transfers, she usually gives the summary. Kayla said, she will add a summary section to the Fund Transfer form and will send as an attachment to test.

4. Renewal Process

The group discussed some pointers to be noted and highlighted in processing the renewals, such as, wrong Fund Codes, wrong POs, Free Online, Title Change, Brief Records needed for Membership. [September 15, 2002 will be the deadline for renewals to be processed in order to send back to the vendor. Cancellations are due by October 1, 2002.]

5. Update on Procedures (Manual)

Kayla informed the group that she and Jordan successfully collected all information on invoicing from her notes to incorporate into the manual. We were also instructed to bring all information we have to add to the manual. We will discuss one topic at each meeting.

6. Other Matters Discussed

Kayla suggested their will be always two recorder in line and the next recorder:

  1. Joan Hendershot
  2. Julie Kaufman

Next Meeting -- August 19, 2002 -- 10:30 A.M. -- Alex Library

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