Invoice Focus Group Meeting Minutes: November 13, 2002

Kayla Reichardt, Robin Pastorio-Newman, Joan Hendershot, Sandy Bodner, Cathy Pecoraro, Michele Best, Julie Kaufman

Emergency Invoice Processing Meeting

Major subscription vendors for the hubs:



* Renewal lists come in for verification approximately in June.

* Renewal checking should include verification of:

* Renewal checking should be completed by September 15th of that year

* Cancellations should be noted on renewal lists by October 1st of that year and returned to vendor.

* Only those pages that have been altered should be returned

* November 1st (approximately) invoices should be received in three copies

* 2 copies of invoice are returned to budget office for payment immediately

* From copy kept in NBCS, pages from renewal list that had adjustments and sent back to vendor should be matched to invoices to make sure all changes have been made by vendor. (remember the invoice is a copy of the renewal list with a different heading)

* Copy of any other changes should be sent to the budget office for corrections in posting to database (SIRSI

Time Line

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