Invoice Focus Group Meeting Minutes: February 25, 2003

Michelle Best, Joan Hendershot, Jamie Maguire, Suzanne Posluszny, Julie Kaufman (recorder)

Reviewed and approved minutes from the 12/2/02 meeting.

1. Analysis Project

Julie explained the analysis project that she, Robin, Jamie, Kayla, Gracemary, Cathy and Elaine have been working on.  She reported on some of the types of problems that they have been identifying, namely: claim problems, receiving problems, booksets, failed subscriptions, false encumbrances, and irregularly received but encumbered yearly.

2. Booksets

A. Identification

B. Handling Booksets and IREY Serials

The group then brainstormed about possible ways of handling booksets and IREY serials to give to Gracemary.
Some ideas were:

C. Firm Orders

The group then briefly discussed firm orders.  We reviewed when it is necessary to have one created, and to notify Gracemary when there are inadequate funds for payment.

D. Recurring Orders

Next meeting @ LSM, date and time TBA

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