Invoice Focus Group Meeting Minutes: April 27, 2004

Joan Hendershot, Suzanne Posluszny, Julie Kaufman [chair/recorder]


  1. Invoices paid on GPO depository accounts. Putting notes on the control record, since no order record exists.
  2. Subscriptions database.
  3. Refresher on “recurring order invoices that need to be paid” procedure.
  4. Retention of invoices. How many years do we need to keep in the office?
  5. Renewals correspondence for the 2004 titles/invoice retention.
  6. Review of all invoicing procedures that exist and what still needs to be done.
  7. Analysis of invoicing statistics.
  8. Round Robin.


1. Suzanne reported on this issue. Apparently statements used to go to Ellen Calhoun and they now come to Suzanne. The GPO account number needs to be put on the statements because it is a “deposit account.” There is also no control record and no brief record. Joan echoed the fact that there may be one or two deposit accounts still in use at Alex. The concerns raised were: How do we identify these? How do we track what is paid for? How much money is in the account? How do you put money into the account if it runs out? Should the mailing/billing address be Collection Services or the individual selector? It was decided that Suzanne would talk to Gracemary about these questions (especially what is required by the budget office, in record creation, etc) and report back to the group so that instructions on dealing with this type of account may be recorded.

2. The members of the group requested that Julie send out the updated subscriptions database on a monthly basis or after large updates so that they may track progress of particular titles. Also, Suzanne would like a copy of the selectors list so that she knows who is handling which fund code. Julie will send these out accordingly.

3. A question was raised regarding the payment of “old” recurring order invoices (where payment of materials from previous fiscal years is required.) This was not previously addressed in the “recurring order invoices that need to be paid” procedure. The group determined that such invoices should be sent to Susan Killough for PO creation as the POs will require the addition of line items. Julie will update the procedure to include this additional information.

4. In the past, copies of invoices were not kept in the office and the budget office does keep invoices for 4 years. We began to keep them in the office for convenience in verifying information. Currently Joan keeps 3 years worth (current year + 2 past years.) She finds that she uses the current and last year frequently, but the last year not very often. Suzanne currently has 5 years in the office and is concerned that they are taking up too much space. It was decided to keep 3 years in the office… keeping in mind that the 4th year is still available in the budget office if needed.

5. Currently large renewal notices (mainly Ebsco) are kept with notes to refer back to throughout the following year. Emails are deleted once the invoicing problem is resolved, invoice is paid, credit is obtained, etc. Everetts correspondence is still being kept. Again, space is becoming an issue with keeping all of this correspondence. It was determined that when an invoicing problem is RESOLVED, the accompanying correspondence may be discarded.

6. This agenda item was tabled until our next meeting. Julie will compile the existing procedures and bring to the next meeting.

7. This agenda item was tabled until our next meeting. Julie will compile the existing statistics and bring to the next meeting.

8. Suzanne is concerned about selectors contacting her for fund analysis. She has been referring these questions to Gracemary and the group agreed this is what she should continue to do. She also brought up a question regarding outstanding credits for this fiscal year and the previous fiscal year. Vendors wait until they receive credit from the publisher before giving credit to us. An “awaiting credit” report is run every 5-6 months- the next one will be run in May. Joan is concerned that a number of the “booksets” that were transferred to Alex Collection Services from TSB are actually cat/sep and cat/set/a recurring orders. These titles are currently being evaluated upon receipt by the receivers and receiving coordinator. Would it be possible to run a report of all TSB-STO titles so that we know what should go to Acquisitions? Who can transfer titles to TSB? Julie will look into these issues.




Next meeting: May 24th
Location: ALEX
Time: 10:30am
Next recorder: Suzanne Posluszny
Back up recorder: Joan Hendershot

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