Minutes of March 14, 1997 Meeting

Peter Graham, Tessa Evans, Nancy Hendrickson, Rhonda Marker, Harriette Hemmasi, Ann Montanaro, Judy Gardner, Rebecca Gardner (for Mary Page), and Mark Witteman

(Special thank to Judy Gardner and Mary Page; much of these minutes have been cribbed from their minutes.)

Version 2 of the contract still under discussion. Sirsi request module (MDS) should provide patrons with what they are used to now, but will require a lot of staff intervention. The alternative (not signing the contract) is not acceptable, so we will go with this for now, but it is not acceptable for the long run. Possibly we will work on recoding to make staff intervention less onerous or even unneeded.

Version 2 of the contract will also simplify functionality testing and will give RUL a 90 day testing phase, at the end of which we can say yay or nay to the system at no cost to us (aside from money spent on the server -- which we'd be able to use with another vendor anyway --and staff training in Huntsville.)

Contract standing: new wording on the big issues (functionality testing and MDS) will be sent today (3/14/97). Sirsi still wants to clarify some "business language." Peter expects to hear back from University Counsel shortly after or upon his return from England. He will be in England for weeks of March 17 and March 24.

Test system will be installed by Sirsi in late March and made avail-able for use in early or mid April. It will be a generic system with generic policies and parameters and Sirsi default records. RUL can manipulate this test system as we see fit. We will create our own tape of sample records (preferably a lot of messy ones) to load. Use of the test system will be distributed in one of three ways:

  1. on 8 machines in TSB conference room only
  2. on TSB conference room machines, plus machines of committee chairs
  3. on TSB conference room machines, plus machines of all committee members

A fourth option is to install client software temporarily in Electronic Classrooms. This too will be explored.

(Note: Machines that are currently on order for installation at units are intended for Windows training, not necessarily Sirsi training.)

Mark will keep people posted about the test system availability. Direct all questions to Mark during this time.

Mark will assume major responsibility for conduct of LIS Implemenation committee meetings. Send him your suggestions for meeting topics.

Mark will look into getting the LIS committees email list set up.

Ann Montanaro will talk to unit directors about equipment needs.

During the first week of April, Mark, Dave Hoover, and Kalaivani Ananthan (Systems staff) will go to Sirsi HQ for training. (This is right after Peter gets back from England.)

Individual Committee Chairs reported:

Acq: Met March 26. Scheduling meeting times when all can meet has proved difficult; must move forward regardless of attendence rates. Next meeting will be to discuss Pre-Configuration Guide to Policies worksheets. Greatest challenge will be creating fund codes, especially in light of NB reorg.

Ser: Met the previous week. Talked mostly about terminal allocation survey. Eagerly awaiting test system.

Circ: Have completed draft worksheets for chapters 2, 3, 4 & 5 of the Pre-Configuration Guide to Policies. Waiting for cabinet decision on Annex as location; waiting for Camden/Robeson name change. Greatest challenge is in automating reserve functions for the first time.

Cat: Has not met yet. Documentation distributed, Terminal count done. Eagerly awaiting test system.

Opac: Has not met yet. Eagerly awaiting test system.

Final notes:

Committees should try to talk about training needs soon.

Sirsi wants pre-installation parameters back soon... 4/17!

Next LIS Implementation meeting 4/10 at 1:30.

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