Minutes of June 12, 1997 Meeting

Tessa Evans, Judy Gardner, Peter Graham, Harriette Hemmasi, Nancy Hendrickson, Rhonda Marker, Tracey Meyer, Ann Montanaro, Mary Page, Mark Witteman (recorder)
  1. Working with Newark Law
  2. LIS related presentations in Newark and Camden
  3. WorkFlows (new GUI for Unicorn)
  4. Copy numbers on labels
  5. Old IRIS & new IRIS
  6. The implementation calendar
  7. Training
  8. PC Allocation


Kristina Kuhlmann, Gov Docs Librarian at Newark Law, sent mail to Mark saying she wouldn't be attending LIS-Implementation meetings any longer, but she would continue to monitor progress through her subscription to rul_lis and by asking specific questions on occasion. She thanked the LIS-Imp Committee Chairs for welcoming her to meetings. Mark sent her a reply saying that after RUL is up live and running on the new system perhaps all concerned parties can discuss the possibility of sharing LIS resources with Newark Law.


The LIS-Implementation Committee Chairs discussed the possibility of informational presentations in Camden in Newark, much like that held in the Pane Room recently. Between on- site training, implemenation meetings, holiday vacation schedules and ALA, the Implementation Chairs thought it would be problematic to host such a meeting. The LIS Committees will explore the option of having members who work at Camden and Newark make such a presentation -- perhaps with Mark also present.


Mark took a few minutes to discuss "WorkFlows" the new GUI that Sirsi will be releasing in the near future (perhaps in the fall). WorkFlows is a new graphical client that will likely eventually replace InfoVIEW for RUL. The program requires Windows95 or Windows NT. WorkFlows should help to improve staff productivity, will use many capabilities common to other windows applications and will likely be easier for Systems to administer. There is not yet a schedule for when RUL can implement use of the new client, but Mark thought it important to tell people that an improved LIS client is in RUL's future. Those attending ALA are encouraged to stop by Sirsi's booth for a look at WorkFlows.


The issues surrounding copy numbers on items were discussed. All present agreed that in the new LIS, barcodes must be the unique identifier for items. Those materials that do not have barcodes will be problematic in the short run, but can be taken care of on an ongoing basis after the new LIS comes up. The Implementation chairs also thought it was likely that units and Acquisitions/Processing staff would not put copy numbers on spine labels in the future. The Implementation Committee chairs also advise agains any relabeling project to make spine label copy numbers match copy numbers in Unicorn.


The old IRIS (Geac) will be left available to users for perhaps 3 to 4 weeks after new IRIS comes online so users can acclimate themselves to the new IRIS (Sirsi). (New IRIS will come online August 11 or shortly thereafter.) Old IRIS will not be kept current; no adds or updates to records will be performed, nor circulation transactions because the new IRIS will become our "catalog of record" and because keeping both systems up to date is simply not feasible. Because old IRIS will not be up to date, it will also be necessary to turn off the old IRIS' MDS system so as to avoid MDS faxes for items that are actually checked out or have already been marked "missing" in Sirsi.


The Committee Chairs looked closely at Mark's implementation calendar web page. Mark will make changes to the calander agreed upon in the meeting ASAP and will post news of the update to RUL_LIS.

Among the important determinations made though were:


Tracey Meyer reported that lists of people interested in RUL staff training were distributed to each of the LIS Committee Chairs. Tracey and Bob will work with the Committee Chairs in order to pick out who will work in which module with an eye to not asking any one person to do too much in multiple modules.

The intensive period of RUL Staff training will begin July 21 and continue through August 8. Training will likely be conducted in Kilmer Lib, LSM, Alex (SCC), Dana & Robeson.


Ann Montanaro distributed spreadsheets of statistics that give rough quantification of work done in the various units. Ann gathered these numbers in order to make informed decisions regarding the distribution of PCs. She will continue to analyze the numbers before offering a possible distribution plan.

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