Minutes of July 24, 1997 Meeting

Harriette Hemmasi, Nancy Hendrickson, Rhonda Marker, Tracey Meyer, Ann Montanaro, Lida Sak (for Mary Page), Bob Warwick, and Mark Witteman (recorder)


Mark announced that the dataload finished with very few errors and most of those errors occured for known reasons. Mark will distribute full error reports to Database Management.


As of our meeting time, two training sessions had been held, one in Cat 1 and one in Circ 1. Bob and Tracey reported that despite some technical problems, the training and the new system seemed well received.

Bob and Tracey are still scheduling people into training slots for Cat and Circ.

Bob and Tracey have begun work with Acquisitions training volunteers and hope and to begin work with the Serials training volunteers soon.

Other training needs brought up were:

1. Cataloging trainers would prefer to have SmartPort working for RLIN and the Library of Congress rather than SmartPort for LC only. [Note: since the meeting date, Systems has made substantial progress in this area.]

2. Staff working in serials receipt will need training in the creation of vendor records. The Acq group is in the best position to provide this training.


Mark reminded all that due to limitations in Unicorn's ability to overlay item records, it was impossible to migrate the appropriate missing statuses. In order to get them into Unicorn, Systems plans to print sets of barcodes for each of the missing items. Those can either be updated or deleted. The committee members will ask Judy Gardner to judge which should be updated and which deleted. A decision will be made later as to who will perform the actual editing and deletion.

Patron migration evaluation:

The Committee chairs will ask LIS-Circ committee members to aid in the evaluation of the patron records, current charges, and bills. They will be asked to analyze 10-20 patrons each, checking that their statuses in Unicorn match those in Geac. The day to do this will be Friday August 8 -- the last weekday before live circulation in Unicorn.

[A Note to all: Go to http://xxxxxxxxxxxx and click on "transfer of Geac patron records" to see a specification on what records are being migrated, what records are *not* being migrated, and the what fields are being migrated.]

Cataloging migration evaluation:

The Committee chairs will ask people that Rhonda Marker designates to select some number of Bib and Item records for comparison between records in Geac and records in Unicorn. Mark anticipates that the best time to do this will be approximately July 31 to August 1.

The next meeting of the LIS Implementation Chairs will be August 7th at 1:30 p.m. in the TSB Conference Room.

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