Minutes of August 4, 1997 Meeting

Jeris Cassel; Judy Gardner; Rebecca Gardner; Peter Graham; Lisa Heidrick; Harriette Hemmasi; Nancy Hendrickson; Rhonda Marker; Tracey Meyer; Ann Montanaro, recorder; Bob Warwick; Mark Witteman, chair

1. The data loads were all very successful. The circulation-only records were migrated with no errors. The gap period load had only a few errors and those had long call numbers. Of the 45,351 user records there were only 42 errors and 3 borrowers with no names.

2. The transaction load had 144,894 charges with 1,946 errors. Of those, 1,722 were items not in the catalog and 500 had "?" in the barcode. There were 1,221 "no data available" records which were not migrated. Eleven transactions were not transferred because the patron was not found. 19,428 bills were migrated with 197 errors, 46 of which were invalid library name and 150 were items not in the catalog.

3. Outstanding problems

a. The diacritics are not working properly. Mark is working with Sirsi to correct. The WebCat diacritics are dependent upon Netscape support.

b. Volume holdings on records are incorrect. All of the "shelved by title" copies are attached to one call record when they should have been volumes. This has been reported to Sirsi. All work on serials holdings should stop until the problem is resolved.

4. Training

a. The last of the catalog training is being done next week. WebCat training is 2/3 completed and circulation will be finished by the end of the week of August 11. The acquisitions display training will take place in September when records are available.

b. The serials training group and serials LIS committee had a joint meeting and serials will be live on September 2.

5. Access to Unicorn through INFO will be accomplished by adding a new link for New IRIS. The Geac link will be maintained through min-September. An introductory screen will explain that the LOAN prompt has been replaced by the Request function.

6. Publicity

Lisa and Jeris are working on publicity and have developed a list of target audiences. There will be signs on each of the public computers, banners in the libraries, and printed publicity.

7. Committee reports.

a. Circulation. The 8,404 reported missing books from Geac have to be updated manually. Circulation departments are creating brief records for items which have not been in the catalog before. They will display in WebCat. ILL and reserve will be shadowed. Documents and the Kilmer Recreational Reading collection will also be in WebCat. The Request function is expected to be a significant work load increase.

b. Acquisitions and Fiscal Control. Over 800 fund have been entered. Acquisitions is entering vendor records.

c. WebCat. Documentation is needed online.

d. Serials. September 2 is the target to begin entering serials. Training will be held August 25-29. Documentation is being written. The conversion of serials records from Innopac to Unicorn will be alphabetical. The last item received on Innopac will be the first one received on Unicorn.

e. Cataloging. There is a daily meeting in TSB to discuss cataloging questions and issues. Cataloging is being done.

8. Training

Lisa Mason will return for the third week of training on August 25. The schedule calls for 1 day of authority control, a half day for each training group, and a day for Systems. On Thursday afternoon there will be a party for the LIS Implementation committees and the trainers.

9. Title Control Key

Mark is working on a new definition for the title control key. It is now the Geac 001 and it must be changed so that it is either the 010, 020 or 022.

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