Minutes of August 21, 1997 Meeting

Tessa Evans; Judy Gardner; Peter Graham; Harriette Hemmasi; Nancy Hendrickson; Rhonda Marker; Ann Montanaro, recorder; Mary Page; Bob Sewell; Bob Warwick; Mark Witteman, chair

1. Unicorn is live! The public catalog and circulation began operations on Monday, August 11.

2. Outstanding issues, problems, and implementation concerns:

a. Harriette Hemmasi

Documentation is being prepared for WebCat. While there may yet be changes, the online help documentation is being prepared for users who may want to refer to it.

There are significant questions about the kinds of searching which are currently available. Mark will put up alternative search screens in the test system. The searches which are currently keyword may be set to phrase. Users seem to be confused by search results. Any changes are recommended early in the semester or between semesters.

b. Nancy Hendrickson

Unicorn does not appear to have adequate reports for an audit trail or for tracking. 991 funds have been input without allocations. The training for people managing funds will take place after the funds and records are in. Technical services departments will be trained in how to read screens beginning the 4th week in September.

c. Tessa Evans

Ordering began two weeks ago for rush and reserve. Printing purchase orders is difficult as they all have to be formatted manually and require a lot of editing. They do not have a "bill to" address. Acquisitions is exploring with the Strand and BNA the possibility of emailing or FTPing order files.

d. Rhonda Marker

Cataloging is being done. There are problems with indexing of both author and title. Sirsi did not index according to the tags specified. SmartPort is not fully configured and the searches are not set for RLIN.

e. Judy Gardner

Over 1,000 Requests have been received since 8/11 and volunteers working at TSB are processing them. Through Ask a Librarian users have posed many questions which are being addressed in a flyer which is about to be published. The staff working in reserve met to discuss their procedures and standardized ways of inputting fields. The billing staff will meet next week. The patron notes did not migrate and input of those will begin soon. Some brief bibliographic records did not migrate. There are a lot of questions about named stations, logins, and access levels. Copy level recalls from other libraries are complicated but there is a fix in release 9.2 scheduled to be released in October. Error 65 has been widely reported and it is a result of users adding spaces in the barcode number and/or failing to put hyphens in the SSN. The extra 0 at the end of the "smart barcodes" has caused a number of problems - brief records being added when records already existed, failing to discharge, etc. Systems is trying to both reconfigure the readers and to redefine the Unicorn policies.

f. Mary Page

Gracemary Smulewitz is heading the serials training which will begin on Monday, August 25. There are problems in displays for serials. A brief display would be preferable as would an exact match on searches. The settings for brief or full are set for all formats and cannot be different for serials or books. It was suggested that the default be set to brief but that more tags be added to the brief display. The label "library has" used in Geac was changed to "summary holdings" in Unicorn because a line which precedes it reads "held by." It was suggested that "library has" is clearer. The periodical holdings are not sorting in volume sequence because the autogenerated call number is being used. As a result, the most recent volume added, regardless of volume number, is sorting first. In the public display the volume number search is not working.

3. The committee discussed where these issues should be discussed and whether or not there was a need for the Implementation Committee to continue to exist. Peter will recommend to Cabinet that the committee continue to meet with Mark serving as chair and that the committee have authority to make and implement changes.

4. The Sage Library has written a letter asking for clarification of whether their records will continue to be part the catalog. The records can be FTPd from RLIN but the holdings will not be transferred. How will the item records get into the catalog?

4. The 928 tags were not extracted from Geac so they do not appear in the Unicorn records. There are about 8,800 bibliographic records with 9,100 928 tags. There are several solutions: a) a paper report could be produced from Geac and the tags could be keyed, b) the information could be produced in an electronic format and cut and pasted into the records, c) the bib loader may be able to update the records with only the 928 tag. Mark will pursue having a new extract done to use the bib loader update the records.

5. The title control key is now set as the Geac 001 tag. That should be changed to be a number from the 010, 020, and 022 tags. It needs to be done before fall semester begins as it may take 2-3 days to reindex. It also must be done within 60 days of the data load so that it will not be billable.

The next meeting will be held on Thursday, September 4 at 1:30.

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