Minutes of September 4, 1997 Meeting

Tessa Evans; Judy Gardner; Peter Graham; Harriette Hemmasi; Nancy Hendrickson; Rhonda Marker; Tracey Meyer; Mary Page; Bob Warwick; Ann Montanaro, recorder

1. Reported and/or known database problems were reviewed:

a. The use of "here" as a choice in WebCat is confusing. Few users know it defaults to ALCHL. If possible, it should be removed or renamed.

[HERE was removed from the lists on Sep 18th.]

b. The bound-withs loaded only the "parent" records. The "children" should have loaded. Sirsi will be contacted about loading the "children."

[Systems is exploring options here. This will probably need to be done in advance of the title control key swapping.]

c. The 928 tags were not loaded from Geac. Sirsi has set a price to load the 928 tags. They have been extracted from Geac and a date will be established for that load.

[These have now been loaded. There have been no reports of inaccuracies or missing 928 fields thus far.]

d. When a WebCat search is entered it is now necessary to use the mouse to start the search. It is desirable to have an "enter" initiate the search.

[The enter key can be enabled by removing the "publication year" limit field under "search options." LIS-OPAC will be considering this in an upcoming meeting.]

e. The year field was a feature of the Geac serial holding record and it was not migrated and this makes searching serial holdings difficult. Unicorn did not have a place in the record for the date. The MARC holdings format may solve this problem in the future.

f. The lack of the "Shelved by title" designation in the WebCat serial records is confusing. It was not known if that could be changed.

[This is a software bug that is fixed in Release 9.2.1. We do not yet know when we will receive the 9.2.1 update from SIRSI.]

g. The circulation departments are manually adding patron notes to records.

h. The missing book status did not migrate and circulation departments are reviewing reports and adding them in Unicorn.

[Mark Witteman and Judy Gardner have begun planning to migrate this information from Geac. It will be migrated by creating Unicorn User records for "MISSING", "LOST-PAID", "DAMAGED" and "CA" (collection agency) users, creating online transactions for them that reflect the date at which the item attained its missing/damaged status. Mark plans to work wihin Systems to get this information migrated the week of September 22.]

2. Confidentiality

a. The Request form has the name and Social Security number printed on the form the circulation staff uses to retrieve books. They have been leaving the form in the book when they give the book to the requestor. Since there is a possibility that form could be viewed by someone other than the borrower, circulation staff will be told to discard the form when they give the book to the requestor.

b. Patrons who view their own records from computers in the libraries leave behind search records which could be viewed by using either the "Back" or "Go" functions in Netscape. The OPAC group will design a screen to appear after a user selects Self Services. On this screen the user will be told to exit Netscape to completely clear the viewed borrower record.

c. Sirsi will be encouraged to enhance WebCat security.

[This has been forwarded to SIRSI as a service call. The call was given to software development for further consideration.]

3. "Windows Truncated" message.

In many different functions staff have received the "Windows Truncated" message and are unable to completely view information. This happens with funds, patron records, Request lists, and reserve lists. Sirsi has reported that this is a "Windows pixal limit" and not a software problem. Is this a version 9 issue? Does it make sense to offer the DOS version? Each committee was asked to submit examples for further review with Sirsi. Is there anyway to capture the screen image along with the error message?

[SIRSI says this is a hard-coded aspect of the InfoVIEW client and that there is nothing we can do about it except to get the desired information from Reports. Use of the character-based telnet client may also work, but that would require either staff initiative to learn how that works from SIRSI's documentation or another round of RUL training.]

4. Request Function

Sirsi has reported that they will not do any custom programming to change the current Request function. Sirsi database changes are needed before they can implement changes to the way Request works. They will discuss changes with the possiblity of including them in Release 10 scheduled for Beta testing in February. A conference call will be held with Sirsi to discuss Rutgers' priorities for changing the Request function.

Staff from TAS are doing the preliminary screening and forwarding of Requests. The training began on September 2. It may be necessary to continue that process through the school year.

[Mark Witteman, Bob Warwick and Peter Graham have scheduled a call with Jane Groenmeyer who is responsible for academic libraries within SIRSI. In that call, they will discuss envisioned enhancements for the Request module, with an eye to making suggestions that SIRSI will find inviting because they will work for a variety of libraries.]

5. Enhancements.

The Users Group is soliciting enhancement proposals. Each committee chair will submit suggestions at the next meeting and a ranked list will be submitted to the Users Group.

6. Copy numbers. Rhonda and Harriette will prepare a statement on copy numbers for discussion at SACOTAS.

Individual Committee Reports

7. Cataloging

There are problems with indexing. Browse title does not include the subtitle. Sirsi delivered a generic title index, there were no options. The indexes can be rerun with delimiters specified. SmartPort is not working properly. Dave Hoover will creater a wider range of searching options.The Bibloader needs review. The training was not adequate and there was not enough time to thoroughly review the Bibloader. The Authority Control training went smoothly but participants were not able to view the changes.

8. Serials

The canned reports are inadequate. Claiming reports are very long and involved and require many work-around procedures. Reports need to be customized.

The serial display in WebCat does not included the $h or GMD because it was not indexed. If it is not indexed it will not display.

The way the volumes sort in WebCat is very difficult to use. The autogenerated call number needs to be replaced with "Shelved by title" and the volumes need to sort in descending order.

9. WebCat

Additional in-depth training is needed in WebCat to explain why search results are received. It has been requested that the default search be changed from keyword to exact match. The WebCat committee will continue to review and revise WebCat displays and offer training. Documentation is still being written and reviewed but should be available within the week.

10. Acquisitions

The purchase orders are being printed but they require a lot of additional formatting and cataloging information must be removed.

TESSA - add paragraph here about serial control record ownership, holdings code and item and the problems resulting

11. Training

Cat training is being scheduled again as well as cat 4 and advanced searching. Serials training has begun and Ser 2, Ser 3, and Ser 4 are in the planning stages. Two more WebCat groups are scheduled and Acq 1 training will begin by the end of the month.

12. Circulation

More work is needed on notices and reports.

The next meeting will be held at 1:30 on September 18 in the TSB Conference Room.

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