Minutes of September 18, 1997 Meeting

Judy Gardner, Peter Graham, Harriette Hemmasi, Nancy Hendrickson, Rhonda Marker, Tracey Meyer, Mary Page, Bob Warwick (recorder [with corrections by Mark Witteman]), Mark Witteman, chair
Tessa Perry Evans

1. Updates

a. The missing 928 tags have been loaded into UNICORN. Mark has had no reports from the units of problems with the load. There were only 3 problem records in the load report.

b. The work to fix the SHLV-BY-TI problem call and item records identified after the initial dataload is complete. The display of "SHELVED BY TITLE" for these record in WebCat has not been fixed; this will be fixed in Release 9.2.1.

c. Statuses for missing books were not migrated from that old system. Four "missing" status users will be established in UNICORN -- one each for missing, damaged, collection agency, and lost & paid. The Systems Department will extract any items from the old system with one of those four statuses (along with its date) and load these transactions into UNICORN, charging them to the corresponding UNICORN "missing" user. The date of the old checkout will migrate as the date of the current checkout so you will see some very old checkout dates in UNICORN for these items.

The lists of checkouts for these users will be quite long. Since the Display2 User will get a "truncated window" message long before the end of the list, we will need to handle these items by lists from reports.

Units should stop working on these items individually until after the load is done. The load should be done before September 25.

[Note from Mark: This load date has been revised. Judy Gardner and others in Circulation want time to test how the "missing" users will function using the test system.]

d. For boundwith items in the old system, the records with later BCNs (mostly the children records) did not load into UNICORN. Only the first record in a set of records that shared a single item barcode loaded (usually the parent). We are still looking at a solution to getting the missing records into UNICORN. Several options were discussed at this meeting.

e. The title control key swap is scheduled for Wednesday, September 24 and should take two days. A full backup of the system will be done right before the swap, around midnight on the 24th.

2. We reviewed Peter's list of Systems Department priorities for various issues. We recommended a few additions, including boundwiths and the smart barcode fix (currently being worked on by Dave Hoover and Anne Butman).

3. Kalaivani Ananthan has installed an online staff news feature in InfoVIEW in the production system. There are four different staff news icons for four different classes of issues. Mark gave us a demonstration of the feature. They plan to keep developing it. An announcement will go out to all library faculty and staff.

4. Old business

a. HERE as a location option is gone from WebCat.

b. There has been a thorough discussion in e-mail of the various issues and options for using the ENTER key as a send button in WebCat search requests. This issue has been forwarded to the Public Access Committee for further consideration.

c. There are ongoing discussions about how to accommodate the YEAR field from that old system in serials records (which many of us dearly miss) which was lost in the migration and which has no place in UNICORN. We want to look closely at implementing the USMARC Holdings Format with the expectation that this will give us what we need.

d. The word from SIRSI is that there is nothing we can do about the windows truncation that we get for long records (especially in such things as Display2 User, Display1 Request, and various Reserves displays). They tell us that WorkFlows is the fix. We could always use the character- based system through Ewan to get around this.

e. The current volume sort in WebCat is distinctly user unfriendly. The sort of migrated items is based on the way that data was loaded from that old system. We can't change that. The sort for new SHELVED BY TITLE items is basically "last entered, last displayed." The sort for new classified items is basically in increasing number order. In other words there are several different orders in which our volumes currently sort.

There was general consensus that this situation is bad [AM] and a big public services problem [MSP]. Mark will add a paragraph about this situation to the "known bugs" section of the new staff news.

5. A discussion of the enhancements process through the users group followed.

a. The enhancements requests are due to the Academic Sig by October 17. We can use the Web form from SIRSI's web pages to send in enhancements requests.

b. Each of the implementation committees should look at their enhancements needs and we will come to a future LIS-Imp meeting and share our lists to see if we have some common requests and to make sure that our rankings are consistent. Mark will coordinate submitting our final lists.

The next LIS-Imp meeting will be on Thursday, October 2, 1:30 PM (TSB Conference Room). We will do an initial review of our enhancements lists at that meeting. The following LIS-Imp meeting will be on Thursday, October 16, 1:30 PM (TSB Conference Room). At that meeting we will do a final review of our enhancements requests.

6. We discussed how we could get a higher profile in the Agenda, ways to disseminate information via the Agenda. Effective communication is a problem. We need some new ways to share information more widely. We also discussed some online ways to share information.

7. Round robin.

a. Rhonda Marker: They are working on the problem of getting a proper display of diacritics (during both data entry and subsequent display) in InfoVIEW on our cataloging workstations.

b. Harriette Hemmasi: The WebCat help documentation is up in the test system. Some changes have been identified. They are also looking at developing context sensitive help. They will move the help to the production system before Mark goes on vacation.

c. Rhonda Marker: They are looking at the call number logic in the system. When will the system allow a duplicate call number and when not.

d. Mary Page: They started limited entry of serials control records in UNICORN. They are close to starting full scale entry. A few issues need to be referred to the Public Access Committee for their impact on public display.

e. Rhonda Marker: SACOTAS held a discussion of CURRENT LOCATION. They recommend that the receiving library change the current location from IN-PROCESS to IN-LIBRARY when an item is received at the library from TAS after cataloging. Currently the current location is changed to IN-LIBRARY at the end of the cataloging process before the item is shipped to the receiving library. Peter will take this recommendation to Cabinet.

f. Bob Warwick: Initial training is still moving ahead. Serials is in the middle of its initial training; Acquisitions and Cataloging are poised to begin their next levels; and Circulation and Public Access are scheduling the last of their initial offerings.

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