Minutes of October 2, 1997 Meeting

Tessa Evans; Harriette Hemmasi; Nancy Hendrickson; Tracey Meyer; Ann Montanaro, recorder; Mary Page; Bob Warwick

1. Enhancement Requests.

There are no enhancement requests from Systems, Acquisitions, or Fiscal Control. More knowledge of Unicorn is needed.

Ann will work with Bob to formulate an enhancement request for a redesign of the database to better accommodate Rutgers' needs.

Harriette has WebCat requests and will submit the top 4 as numbered choices and submit the rest as unnumbered requests.

Tracey will submit the Cataloging requests in Rhonda's absence.

Mary has several requests from the Serials group.

The forms should be sent to Ann by October 7 to be compiled and sent to the Academic SIGs by October 10.

2. The application of stop words was reviewed. All stop words are indexed in both keyword and browse indexes unless the indicator values tell the system to ignore them. The Unicorn stop word list is only applied to a Keyword search. A Browse search does not strip indicators and depends on the presence of indicators. Order records will need indicators to be retrieved properly. Tracey will have Database Management review all IRIS records beginning with "a," " an," and "the" to make sure the indicators are correct.

3. The LIS Acquisitions and Fund Accounting Committee has fulfilled its charge and will no longer meet as a committee. SACOTAS and SACCDM will be used to review additional changes.

4. The suggestion was made to move Old IRIS to a less prominent location on the web page and to call it Geac.

5. Before Innopac is turned off it is necessary to have a retrievable archive of the information stored there.

The next meeting will be held on October 16 at 1:30 at TSB.

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