Minutes of October 16, 1997 Meeting

Tessa Evans, Nancy Hendrickson, Rhonda Marker, Tracey Meyer, Mary Page, Bob Warwick, Mark Witteman (minutes)
Judy Gardner, Peter Graham, Harriette Hemmasi, Ann Montanaro

The bulk of the meeting was spent discussing possible content of a presentation for the State of the Libraries to be given, most likely, by Judy Gardner, Peter Graham, Tracey Meyer, and Mark Witteman. Bob Warwick will also help prepare the presentation, but will be on vacation during the week of the State of the Libraries presentation. The committee will confer with Catherine Geddis on precise subject matter.

Mark announced that RUL can expect to receive a tape for a system upgrade to UNICORN Release 9.2.1 as early as the week of October 20. This release is expected to fix a number of nettlesome problems, for example the inability to place copy-level holds across libraries, the "forward in list" and "backward in list" buttons when MATCH-ON is set to EXACT, and the masking of the XX call numbers in WebCat for materials "SHELVED BY TITLE". Prior to performing the upgrade, the LIS Implementation Chairs will go over release notes in order to determine what information needs to be spread to libraries faculty and staff.

Mark announced that the migration of missing books information has not proceeded as quickly as hoped. The circulation staff still need time to consider how they will proceed in use of the various virtual users that will track MISSING, LOST+PAID, CA (collection agency), and DAMAGED materials. Mark is still in the process of setting up the test system to allow circulation staff to test how this workflow will function. Only after this has been done can the migration of the missing book information from Geac commence.

Mark announced that Judy and Bob Warwick have worked out some small improvements to the Rutgers Request Service online form and that he hopes to make said changes except for one -- removal of the "your email address" field -- in the form in the next few days. The email address field cannot be removed at present due to a bug in the system that is fixed in release 9.2.

Going around the room, the Chairs had the following to report:

Mary Page stated that the serials staff are finding entry of UNICORN serials control and serials checkin records to be slow and laborious. Rates of 2 records per hour are the norm. Mary will be submitting a request for funds to pay for temporary staff to aid in the project.

Tessa Evans reported that the Acquisitions staff is proceeding very slowly with entering the 1500+ monographic titles ordered in INNOPAC and received/paid during the Interim period. All of these titles must be re-entered in UNICORN. Thus far only half have been completed. The Acquistions staff is also gearing up to begin the awesome task of creating order records in UNICORN, for the 20,000+ serial titles in INNOPAC. Transferring information from INNOPAC to UNICORN and trying to keep up with current orders and receipts is proving to be especially difficult. Nancy Hendrickson says the difficulty in entering the order information has in turn slowed the Budget Office's payment of invoices on UNICORN. (Payments are still being made by University Accounting and vendors are getting their money; it is only the recording of this payment history in UNICORN for audit trail purposes that is not proceeding smoothly at this time.) Both said that hiring student employees was not tenable as training them would take too much time.

Bob Warwick spoke regarding the Rutgers Request Service (RRS). At present, approximately 12 employees in TAS are putting in about 50 to 55 hours per week. Over 10,000 requests were processed in September. Typical daily figures are approximately 400-500 requests Monday-Friday (though Friday numbers are typically smaller) and 100-200 weekends. Bob and Judy are working on use of the remove request (remrequest) report in order to delete old filled and unfilled request messages from users' records.

Tracey and Bob spoke about training efforts to date. They had hoped to finish the first round of training in October and are on schedule to do so for almost all sessions. The Circ training is done; Cat training has only one additional series of Cat #4 sessions remaining while WebCat training has only one sessions remaining. Acq 1-5 will be complete in October; only Acq 6 (a course for unit tech services) plus training for selectors will remain to be completed after October. In the serials training effort, only Serials 3b (on problem solving) and Serials 4 (for staff who only receive new copies of journals) will remain beyond October. Also to be taken care of after October: training in Reports, which will be done at least in part by Mark. Under consideration is training in advanced searching for staff in InfoVIEW and perhaps also in WebCat.

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