Minutes of November 13, 1997 Meeting

Judy Gardner; Peter Graham; Nancy Hendrickson; Rhonda Marker; Ann Montanaro, recorder; Mary Page; Bob Warwick; Mark Witteman, conducting

1. The release notes for 9.2 and 9.2.1 were reviewed. The upgrade will be installed in the test system the week of November 17 and will include all of the changes identified in 9.2 and 9.2.1.

The following features identified in the 9.2 documentation need to be tested when it is installed in the test system.

The following features identified in the 9.2.1 documentation need to be tested when it is installed in the test system.

The testing will continue until the next meeting - December 4. If it is acceptable the upgrade will be done the week of December 8.

2. Mark will be attending API training in Huntsville December 15-19.

3. Mark will distribute the projected upgrade schedule.

4. Peter reported on the discussions at the New Brunswick meetings he and Marianne Gaunt attended.

5. The LIS Cataloging Committee has established four subcommittees: Indexing, Authority Control, Advanced Searching in Unicorn and SmartPort, and Troubleshooting/Problem solving.

6. Mark has prepared a written description of how the indexing works. It is at: http://xxx

7. Circulation working groups have been formed to work out details for the following topics: billing, reserve, logins and overrides, and categories of missing user types. The New Brunswick access group is reviewing an ILL request form which will either be added as a Web form or as a Unicorn form.

8. Bob and Mark have talked to Sirsi about development of the Request service. Some helpful changes may be in 9.2 and more in future releases.

9. Additional training is scheduled. ACQ 6 will be scheduled after funds are allocated. SER 3b and 3c are in progress and SER4 will be coming. CAT4 is pending. There is a desire to move the training in to a regular process. A future meeting will include a discussion of how training documents can be used for documentation and manuals as well as who should do it and how the documentation can be kept up-to-date.

10. Nancy described Project GTI (Get Them In) which the Budget Office and Acquisitions will begin on December 1. They are printing lists from Innopac in order to enter serials order records into Unicorn. It is expected to take three weeks and regular work will cease during that time. The only exception for Acquisitions is the processing of approvals and priorities.

11. There are several dataloads pending:

12. Rutgers will host the New York Metropolitan Users Group meeting on Tuesday, December 8.

13. There will be retirement party for Geac on Monday, November 17 at 10:30.

The next meeting will be held on Thursday, December 4 at 1:30 at TSB.

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