Minutes of December 11, 1997 Meeting

Judy Gardner; Peter Graham; Nancy Hendrickson; Rhonda Marker; Tracey Meyer; Ann Montanaro, recorder; Bob Warwick; Mark Witteman, chair

1. Release 9.2.2. is loaded in the test system. Comprehensive testing by committee has not been completed. Unless there is objection from a LIS chair before 5 p.m. on January 5, 1998, the software will be installed on or after January 7. Problems found in the test system software should be reported to Mark as soon as possible.

2. Peter has convened a meeting of representatives from Sirsi large academic sites to be held at ALA in New Orleans. Topics for he initial meeting will include how to organize, group's purpose, who should join, how to structure concerns, how to present concerns to Sirsi, how large academic sites are different and how Sirsi can develop that market. Sirsi representatives will not attend the initial meeting. Ann will be prepared to discuss how the database design has presented problems for Rutgers.

3. The Users Group meeting will be held in Huntsville May 18-23, 1998.

4. GTI update. As of 12/10/97, 5,400 serial order records had been entered. Faxon records should be completed by the end of the week and Ebesco will be completed the following week. Those two vendors represent half of the serial vendors. The Budget Office is inputting records for the smaller vendors.

5. Standing orders are presenting problems and a policy is needed for handling them in Unicorn. Items must be ordered, received and at the same library." Ann will prepare a statement to describe the problem to assist in the development of a policy.

6. Reports. A committee was formed to begin reviewing the Unicorn reports. The members are Kalaivani Ananthan, Nancy Hendrickson (convener), James Keebler, Tracey Meyer, and Bob Warwick. They will review the array of reports received with Unicorn, classify them according to their purpose (counts, lists, administrative, database modification, etc.) and recommend access, report timing, and a strategy for training. The committee will report to the LIS Implementation Committee by February. Urgent reports can currently be requested from Systems.

7. Selectors have requested logins for Infoview. Financial data is not available in Unicorn and training is needed before the logins are assigned.

8. Tracey and Bob will conduct a survey to determine what additional or follow-up training is needed. Advanced WebCat training has been requested.

9. The database will be reindexed in the test system in December and in the production system in January. Some down time will result during the reindexing between January 8 and 12.

The next meetings will be held on January 6 and January 22 at 1:30 at TSB.

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