Minutes of January 21, 1998 Meeting

T. Evans, J. Gardner, P. Graham, R. Marker, A. Montanaro, B. Warwick, M. Witteman, H. Hemmasi (recorder)
N. Hendrickson, M. Page

1. Witteman reported that all re-indexing has been completed and that all results will be in place by 1/22/98.

2. Enhancement suggestions from the Unicorn Users Group International were organized and consolidated by volunteer Special Interest group leaders and the Enhancement Coordinator. Enhancements were suggested in the categories of: reports, systems, serials control, requests, acquisitions, cataloging, circulation, OPAC, accountability, and general.

Members of the Users Group have been asked to vote on these enhancements, with each institution submitting a ballot with a total of 56 points.

LIS-IMP members were asked to confer with their committee members and make suggestions on which enhancements were most critical to their particular area of interest.

Discussion in the LIS-IMP meeting about the preferred ratings of these enhancements led to the following choices. Mark Witteman will submit the ballot to the Users Group on behalf of RUL.

** 5 votes each **

** 3 votes each **

** 1 vote **


Anyone wishing further information on any of these enhancements can contact any member of the LIS Implementation committee.

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