Minutes of March 4, 1998 Meeting

Judy Gardner, Peter Graham, Harriette Hemmasi, Nancy Hendrickson, Tracey Meyer, Ann Montanaro, Mary Page, Bob Warwick, Mark Witteman (presiding & recorder)



Hendrickson, Warwick, and Meyer reported that members of the reports group, specifically Witteman (a new member of the group) and Kalaivani Ananthan, will be looking at what list and count reports can have potentially very large output and thus may require passwording. The passwording would not be intended to keep people out of reports, but instead to alert them that the output of the report is potentially very great.

They also stated their plan to divide reports training on list & count reports would be divided into three different subject areas:

  1. Circ, Reserves and Requests
  2. Cataloging, Tech Services, and Serials
  3. Collection Development, Library Administration

The content of the class will be largely the same for each group, though the example reports run during the class will vary according to the participants principal interests.

Warwick and Meyer are drafting a call for reports training volunteers which will go out soon.


Members of LIS-Imp have received messages from RUL Collection Devel-opment staff stating that Collection Development staff should be on the Reports Group. LIS-Imp discussed and reiterated that the purpose of the Reports Group was to look at ways that we might organize reports and train RUL staff in the report module.

The concern of collections people for the right accumulation of information that can be used for reports is very relevant, and LIS-Imp members believe that collections people will be able best to participate in making such decisions once they are trained on report capabilities. The present committee is not making such decisions.

LIS-Imp and the Reports Group hope that Collection Development staff and a great many others from RUL join in the training effort. This will afford the greatest number of people participation in the process and will do a great deal to help disseminate knowledge in reports.


Witteman has requested that SIRSI ship to RUL the pre-release version of Unicorn98 for loading on the test system. Unicorn98 is the next version of the Unicorn system's server software. It enables, but does not require, the use of the new client software WorkFlows. SIRSI will also be sending a pre-release verion of workflows, though this will not have all the functionality of the version to be released when both Unicorn98 and WorkFlows reach full production in May 1998.

No schedule has yet been set for intalling Unicorn98 on the test system. Witteman will be going over the Unicorn98 release notes for summary at the next LIS-Implementation meeting. What he learns from the release notes will help inform exactly when it gets installed in the test system.

Unicorn98 is in full production mode in May making May the earliest possible date that RUL might get install Unicorn98 on the production system. During the interval, staff who use the test system will need to be sure they update programs upon loggin into the test system and update programs again upon logging back into the production system. The possibility of dedicating some PCs in the conference room to use of InfoView and Workflows on the test system was proposed.

A distribution plan for the pre-release version of WorkFlows has not yet been made. This will likely be a topic for LIS-Imp's next meeting.

Implementing the WorkFlows client in RUL will require another major training effort. In addition, SIRSI may be releasing the various modules for WorkFlows in stages. Witteman believes that circ, reports and cataloging are likely early modules.


LIS-Imp discussed the existing situation with online journals and the fact that cataloging practice has been to classify e-journals as MRDF rather than serials. This is what keeps e- journals that RUL has in electronic form only from being included in the periodi-cal title indexes. (E-journals that are both in print and electronic can be found with the periodical title searches.)

A very recent change in cataloging practices announced by CONSER has declared a more strict definition of MRDF and that electronic journals shall be cataloged in the SERIAL format. RUL is already following this practice for newly cataloged e-journals. Lida Sak and her assistants in serial cataloging have begun cataloging all new e-journal titles in the SERIAL format.

The Cataloging Department will recatalog the e-journals currently in MRDF format to SERIAL format. Warwick will provide counts and lists of e-journals to be recataloged. The intent is to effect this recataloging as soon as practical unless high numbers necessitate that it be a later project.


Peter Graham asked all LIS-Imp members interested in attending the annual May meeting of the Unicorn Users Group International to send him no later than Friday the sessions they would want to attend.


A decision was made to make individual logins available to all public services and collection development librarians who ask for them. Some preparatory work will need to be done by Mark Witteman regarding screen defaults for these users. Following that, an announcement in the Agenda and email sent to all faculty and staff via Doris Hawkins will give people the procedure needed to request such a login.

These logins will have display-only capabilties (no editing or creation of records). The need for library patron confidentiality will also be addressed.

The decision was made not to create a "guest" login capability, in part for security reasons and in part because the display-only login should satisfy the immediate need. We recognized also that the greater number of logins to be provided would probably mean some login holders would use them seldom enough to require their being recreated (the 30-day limit), but we agreed to take on this load until and unless it becomes excessive.


(Not all members present had updates to give.)

Montanaro, Systems: Power will be off in the Systems Department's machine room Wednesday March 18 beginning early in the morning in shut down Geac. It is hoped that power can be restored by noon or shortly after, but there is no guarantee of this.

Hemmasi, PAC: The group recently approved many simplifications to the default single item display in webcat. The changes are currently in place on the test system webcat for review. <URL: http://xxx

Page, LIS-Serials:

Hendrickson, Fiscal Control: All Faxon invoices have been entered in the UNICORN system and almost all EBSCO invoices. They are making steady progress.

Graham, in his capacity as Acting Head of Acquisitions: Looking at the use of function keys to speed and simplify processing within Acquisitions.

Witteman, chair: Working on putting context sensitive help provided by Ann Scholz-Crane on the test system. Once it is up and reviewed and any problems addressed, it can be placed on the production system.

NEXT MEETING: Thursday March 19, 1:30 TSB.

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