Minutes of April 2, 1998 Meeting

Judy Gardner, Peter Graham, Harriette Hemmasi, Nancy Hendrickson, Rhonda Marker, Tracey Meyer (recorder), Mary Page, Bob Warwick, Mark Witteman, chair

1. Changes in Unicorn98 and release 9.2.3 and Unicorn98/Workflows/Wizards release schedule:

Witteman distributed release notes for Unicorn version 9.2.3 and Unicorn98.1 and briefly discussed some of the relevant changes for each module.

2. Implementation issues for WorkFlows:

Witteman reported that the release date for Unicorn98.1 on the test system has been delayed until 4/13/98. The earliest date SIRSI will ship Unicorn98.1 for the production system will probably be sometime in May; the actual upgrade for the production system will be scheduled once we receive the software and load and test it in the test system. Unicorn98 will make it possible for RUL to switch from InfoVIEW to WorkFlows, a new and improved client interface. RUL does not have to switch to WorkFlows immediately, however; Unicorn98 can be run with InfoVIEW with the familiar dashboard look. The upgrade to Unicorn98 alone will not require extensive retraining; replacing InfoVIEW with WorkFlows, however, would require a large staff training effort. It was agreed that RUL will upgrade to Unicorn98 with InfoVIEW as soon as it becomes available to us and that LIS-Imp will begin looking at Workflows as it becomes available.

3. SIRSI's development of Requests for RUL:

Witteman is awaiting further information from SIRSI on exactly what enhancements RUL will be testing for the automation of the Rutgers Request Service. News on this matter could come any day.

4. What SIRSI's developments for Requests means for RUL's current use of the location policy:

SIRSI's developments in automating holds may necessitate a change in the way RUL defines its location policy. SIRSI's automation may rely upon a configuration in which "IN-LIBRARY" is replaced by all the various ITEM TYPES. This would be a more standard use of the pollicy where the location indicates the physical shelving location of an item (e.g. STACKS, REF, FOLIO) and shows other "statuses" as well (e.g. CHECKED-OUT, MISSING, BINDRY). At present, RUL's location policy contains only statuses. Switching to such a policy would also deliver fixes to other known problems, specifically in implementing MARC holdings and will improve the meaningfulness of the routing notes issued when items are discharged.

5. UUGI conference and enhancement ballot:

Graham, Hemmasi, Hendrickson, Montanaro, Page and Witteman will be attending the UUGI conference in Huntsville May 14-16. Witteman will be going earlier in order to participate in pre-conference events. The new enhancement ballot was distributed and will be discussed at a future meeting before the 6/1/98 deadline.

Next two meetings:
Wed., 4/22/98, 1:30 p.m.
Thurs., 5/7/98, 1:30 p.m.

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