Minutes of April 22, 1998 Meeting

Mark Witteman, Tracey Meyer, Harriette Hemmasi, Nancy Hendrickson, Rhonda Marker, Ann Montanaro, Bob Warwick, Peter Graham, Judy Gardner, Mary Page (recorder)


Enhancements Request Ballot: We discussed how to allocate our votes, and decided 4=strongly approve; 2=mildly approve; 0=no interest. Also, we may vote "NO" to indicate that an enhancement should not be developed at all. Be prepared to discuss how we want to vote at our next meeting (5/7). Ballots are due by 6/1.

Future of LIS-Imp: Geac and Innopac were fairly stable systems. The number and frequency of enhancements and new releases were fewer than in Unicorn. Unicorn is in a constant state of development. In this environment, LIS-Imp thought it appropriate that a committee like LIS-Imp with perhaps a different name and more formal relations with the SACs continue to exist for the foreseeable future. In time, Peter will bring these thoughts to the SACs and Cabinet for consideration.

LIS Training: Upcoming sessions are being planned for Reports and Advanced Searching. What other kinds of training will we need for the future? How can we ensure long-term continuity of system procedures? Harriette, Bob, Ann, and Judy will work on a statement of future training recommendations that addresses continuity and accuracy of procedures as well as staffing issues.

Unicorn98: Latest word from SIRSI is that Unicorn98.1 is buggy. SIRSI will ship 98.2 instead of 98.1 to RUL for loading on the test system as soon as it is available, perhaps in about 2-4 weeks.

SIRSI Request Module update: It is still hoped that SIRSI will soon send Mark beta software to test. Shipment has been delayed several weeks, and there's been no response to Mark's inquiries.

Rhonda reported that a dress rehearsal for the Advanced Searching training will be held next week. Sarah Mozgai will conduct sessions at Newark, Camden and NB. The sessions will be demonstrations, not hands-on. RFP for authorities is almost finished. We expect to begin loading authority records in May 1999.

Nancy reported that their goal to get all invoices into the system is June 30th. The process is very difficult. They have delayed selector training until all the invoices and allocations are in the system and the information displayed is accurate.

Tracey reported on the initial meeting of the Reports Training group.

Mary reported that a group of serials people from NB will be going to Camden to assist will their record entry project.

Mark is testing the capability of the system to periodically produce an up-to-date web page listing all electronic journals cataloged in our Unicorn system (IRIS).

Judy announced that RUL will no longer send printed notices telling users with term loans to return or renew their materials. Missing items will be checked out to special "missing users" which will cause them to display in Webcat (IRIS) with a status of MISSING and circ staff should be more easily able to view all missing materials for an individual library. They are testing patron data from Rutgers Administrative Computing. Online forms for Rutgers journal articles and online forms for ILL journal articles and books are in development on the test system.

Peter reported that Acquisitions is focusing all efforts on getting bills paid by the end of the fiscal year, so end processing is somewhat delayed. FastCat procedures should soon be implemented. Those attending the Sirsi user group meeting should have tickets in hand.

Bob reported that the Marc Holdings group should have something to present for discussion sometime during the summer. Hook-to-holdings capabilities may depend on Marc Holdings.

Ann reported that Eric and Pablo both resigned, which will delay WIN95 installations somewhat.

Items for next meeting: Ballot; Training Statement Next Meeting: May 7, 130 pm, TAS

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