Minutes of May 7, 1998 Meeting

T. Meyer, A. Montanaro, M, Witteman, R. Marker, J. Gardner (recorder), N. Hendrickson, P. Graham, H. Hemmasi, R. Warwick, M. Page

1) 1998 UUGI Development Survey Part II.

Not all Implementation Chairs have had an opportunity to consult with committees, complete the ballots. We agreed to submit votes for the enhancements in our functional areas by May 19, and will forward results to Mark who will collate for the group. Implementation Chairs will share enhancements which received a vote of "4" at our next meeting. We will not discuss as a group every enhancement on the ballot.

2) LIS Training.

Reviewed the Draft recommendations for ongoing LIS Training prepared by Harriette, Judy, Ann and Bob. Suggested some changes, and expressed support for the proposal. We will review a revised draft at our next meeting and Peter will then take it to Cabinet.

3) Training.

Bob reported the Searching Training group has planned 2 sessions on Advanced Infoview Searching and Advanced Smartport Searching. Catherine Geddis's office is making room assignments and handling fliers and registration.

The Circulation Training Group has designed 2 sessions, Circulation Essentials and Registering Borrowers, and is in the process of writing documentation.

The Reports Training Group met this morning and discussed an unresolved issue-- the need for selectors to receive Infoview training before they can receive Reports training. In order to create Reports, staff must have an understanding of Infoview, the criteria selection phase is based on fields which are displayed in Infoview. However, without meaningful fund and payment data in the system, it's not been possible to plan Acquisitions Infoview training for selectors. We agreed to ask for time at the next SACCDM meeting for Bob, Nancy, and Ann to discuss the situation with selectors. Planning for Reports training for circulation, cataloging and serials will proceed.

4) Misc.

Mark has no new news about Unicorn '98 software, when it might arrive.

It does not appear likely that Rutgers will receive beta software for testing the automation of Holds (Request module) any time soon, if at all. Sirsi has created a Holds Partnership Team and is looking to the Team for leadership in this area. Mark is a member of the team.

RRS journal and ILL book and journal requests are in the test system webcat http://wxxx.
Questions about the requests numbering sequence and routing of requests have been identified and are being investigated.

5) UUGI Users Group Meeting.

Attendees at the Users Group meeting next week in Huntsville met to discuss the program and sessions to attend.

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