Minutes of June 4, 1998 Meeting

Judy Gardner; Nancy Hendrickson; Rhonda Marker; Ann Montanaro, recorder; Mary Beth Weber; Mark Witteman, conducting.

1. Enhancement Ballots.

Mark reported that the Enhancement ballots have been mailed and that in the future less time should not be devoted to their review. We should continue to prepare new requests for changes/enhancements. The process should be improved in the future as the Unicorn Users Group International (UUGI) is developing a Web-based process enhancement ballot process. Users would be able to submit change requests on the Web site. They could be more detailed or point to a full explanation at the user's site. Additionally, other users will be able to add comments and/or suggest other changes to attach to the original request.

2. Recap of UUGI

Those who attended UUGI (Peter Graham, Nancy Hendrickson, Harriette Hemmasi, Ann Montanaro, Mary Page, and Mark Witteman) found the information and discussions useful. It was encouraging to compare our level of knowledge to other sites and to see how much we know.

The demonstrations of Workflows and wizards were very well received. Mark reported on the Holds Partnership Team meeting. There were some common needs - item type and location testing, and better user authentication. Sirsi was responsive but there is no guarantee that they will work on changes in a timeframe or manner that will satisfy Rutgers needs.

Peter convened two SLAUG meetings. The first was held with representatives from other large academic libraries the issues which were raised were: poor communication from Sirsi; lack of meaningful beta testing partnerships; lack of "big picture" on development plans. A second meeting was held with Jim and Jacky Young to review the concerns and they asked for specific things for their focus.

Mark suggested we should write to SLAUG on these big issues for Sirsi and some of the recommended topics are: system architecture, indexing, and overlaying records.

At UUGI Mark was elected Treasurer and Ann was elected chair-elect of the Academic Special Interest Group.

3. Unicorn98

Unicorn 98.2 is scheduled to arrive "soon." It will be loaded into the test system but the current version breaks custom reports and custom reports are needed to begin testing the ILL form. The release will include the Workflows client.

4. Public Services logins for Infoview

Mark will set up generic or individual logins for public services people and screens to be downloaded.

5. Future LIS meetings

Future LIS meetings will be held every other week at 1:30 at TSB. The next meetings are June 18 and July 9.

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